SDCC: "Anything Goes" With John Barrowman, Including the "Arrow" Fart Story

Although John Barrowman's traditional "Anything Goes" panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego is considered a Q&A, in reality it's easily one of the event's finest hours of comedy.

The veteran of "Arrow," "Torchwood" and "Doctor Who" sings, dances and interacts with the audience, and always wears something fun and outlandish. This year he was dressed as Zapp Brannigan from "Futurama," only with high heels and rainbow tutu. (He wore the same costume, minus the accessories, while hosting the Eisner Awards. Of course there he also dressed as Squirrel Girl and Harley Quinn.)

A Cruella De Vil cosplayer kicked things off by asking Barrowman to sing the theme to his panel "Anything Goes," which of course he did. Then more questions rolled in.

"What were some of your funniest off-camera moments on 'Torchwood?'"

"Myself, Eve Myles, Burn Gorman, Naoko Mori and Gareth-David Lloyd were filming the episode 'Countryside.' As a 'Torchwood' team we would go to the bar. We're having a lot to drink because there is nothing else to do. All of a sudden we hear 'ding.' Ten minutes later we hear another 'ding.' Just as we turn around, Gareth is rubbing his head because every time he went to get a drink his head would hit the bell. We get very, very silly.

It's about 4 a.m. I decided to go to Eve's room for a cuddle. I arrive in my 'Transformers' pajamas and Eve is in a cut-off top. We lay and we cuddle and then I tell Eve I have to go back to my room. I walked across the courtyard without my pajama pants and a wedding party appears. I'm thinking 'I got this, they can't see me.' So I decide to pee in this courtyard fountain right as this family comes back out. So I'm shaking and trying to finish, only to find out later Eve is watching me on camera later. I ran back to my room, shower and get ready to go back to set. I think, 'Thank goodness, it's over,' until I walk up to Eve who says, 'Did you enjoy your pee?' And that was just one funny moment from the set of 'Torchwood.'"

"How was the decision made to make Jack Harkness bisexual [on 'Torchwood' and 'Doctor Who']?"

"No decision was made. Jack was just meant to be someone who likes people. His sexuality was not a definition of who his character was going to be. But I knew in the first script, in 'The Empty Child,' that I knew where they were going with Jack. There's a lot of John in Jack and a lot of Jack in John. The press didn't really catch onto it until Jack kissed both Rose and The Doctor. When they asked me if Jack was bisexual or omnisexual, I didn't answer because I don't think Jack needs labels. Playing Jack and being with everyone, we knew we were going to change the face of television. Here's a family show where these situations were taking place and the kids just didn't mind."

"Who is your favorite character to play?"

"I never answer favorite questions. Captain Jack Harkness changed my life. Jack then led me to Malcolm Merlyn because the 'Arrow' team watches a lot of 'Doctor Who.' 'Arrow' has led me to 'Legends of Tomorrow.' So ya, that's why I don't pick favorite characters."

"I love the way that you ended the 'Arrow' panel yesterday with a musical number. Are there plans for you and Stephen Amell to record a duet?"

"Stephen [Amell] doesn't have the best voice in the world, but nothing makes me smile more than listening to someone sing with joy in their heart. I have said to Stephen, and I am going to call the head of The CW network, about a live musical special. Because we have Grant [Gustin], Jesse [L. Martin], Victor [Garber], men who have incredible voices."

Then Barrowman twas asked o tell the "Arrow" fart story:

"Stephen and I are filming the scene where we take Thea to resurrect her in the Lazarus Pit. Stephen has to carry Willa Holland up to the League of Assassins and give a whole speech while carrying her. I turn to David Ramsey and say 'I gotta fart.' Me and David go back and forth about farting and how it won't smell, and I finally let it rip. And it just keeps ripping. All while the scene is going on. When the director yells 'cut' Stephen Amell turns to me and says 'Fart in my mouth and prove it!' Amell heard the whole conversation!"

"You have quite a range, would you consider stand-up comedy?"

"This is my stand-up comedy. This is something special that I do for you and not anyone else."

"How does it feel to be John Barrowman?"

"I do not apologize for myself. I'm a firm believer in living every day to the fullest. I believe in being respectful. If someone just gets a snippet of a smile from my life, then it's a job well done."

"Favorite con experience?"

"Doing this type of panel. You make my Comic-Con experience every year."

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