SDCC: Anderson, More Original Cast Members Targeted for CBS' 'MacGyver' Reboot

What happens when you put together a bent paperclip, a length of twine and some half-chewed bubblegum? You get news on CBS' "MacGyver" reboot, naturally.

At the show's Comic-Con International in San Diego panel, co-creator and Executive Producer Peter Lenkov told attendees that the series is currently in the process of trying to book several cast members from the original show's 1985-1992 run to appear as guest stars, according to Deadline.

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While Lenkov didn't reveal which cast members had been contacted, a new report from Variety confirms the show's top target is original star Richard Dean Anderson and discussions have already begun. Anderson briefly reprised the role in 2012 for a short video series made to advertise the Mercedes-Benz MPV Citan in Europe.

The original run of "MacGyver" followed Angus MacGyver, a science-savvy agent for various organizations who solved problems by drawing on his vast knowledge of science, engineering and chemistry, rarely ever picking up a firearm. Executive Producer and director of the show's new pilot James Wan said MacGyver is a different kind of hero, one that television is currently lacking.

"He uses his brain over his brawn," Wan said at SDCC. "He only resorts to violence if he needs to. He’s not like Jason Bourne or James Bond.”

Lenkov confirmed the rebooted series went into production last week. The show stars Lucas Till, who played Havok in the most recent trilogy of "X-Men" films, in the lead role. "MacGyver" premieres September 23 on CBS.

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