SDCC: All-New, All-Different Avengers Assemble With Waid, Spencer & More

With the scope of "All-New, All-Different Marvel" beginning to take shape, an assortment of Marvel writers and editors assembled on Friday afternoon at Comic-Con International in San Diego to discuss what's to come for the Avengers. Present on the panel to talk all things Avengers were Mark Waid (writer, "All-New, All-Different Avengers"), editors Tom Brevoort, Sana Amanat and Will Moss, Marguerite Bennett (writer, "Angela: Queen of Hel"), Nick Spencer (writer, "Astonishing Ant-Man") and Joshua Williamson (writer, "Illuminati").

As with previous Marvel panels at the convention, the hour kicked off with a video -- this time, a previously seen "Ant-Man" featurette highlighting Scott Lang and his crew. Moderator Jake Friedfeld introduced the panelists and then launched into the Avengers-themed presentation. The new "Totally Awesome Hulk" series began the presentation. "It's an all-new Hulk for the all-new Marvel Universe, and he's got a little spike at the top of his head, it's cute," said Brevoort. "And he is totally awesome!"

"I thought that was a joke when you said that," said Amanat. "And then it's there, he's 'Totally Awesome Hulk.'"

The new "Doctor Strange" series, which arrives on October 7, appeared to a round of applause. "He will have a big battle axe and it will be a different take on Strange than you've seen," said Brevoort. Series writer Jason Aaron will be "digging into the character" similar to how he handled Thor, said Brevoort.

"You're going to see the way Strange actually sees the world," said Amanat. "It's something called Strang Vision. It's really fantastic."

"Captain Marvel" #1 came up next, saying that they reached out to new writers Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas to write the book based on their work on "Agent Carter." Editor Amanat said that she will have a crew working under her, which they will talk more about next week. The series will find Carol being both a militaristic action hero and also a diplomat. "She has to have a desk job and she doesn't know how to handle that," said Amanat. "It's a big year for Captain Marvel."

The new "Daredevil" series came up next, with current "Daredevil" writer Mark Waid saying that the new creative team is "a good crew."

"Why isn't Charles Soule on this panel?" asked Amanat, referring to the new "DD" writer. "It's a new take on Daredevil, which is a big deal. We're taking the reigns from Mark Waid and it's a feat to follow, which is why we're making a left turn. We're paying respects to what Mark and Chris [Samnee] have set up for the last few years and bringing Daredevil back to New York City and he will now be in the District Attorney's office. He is going to be in a new costume, which is a bit darker, and he will have a sidekick character who we will also be revealing more on in the next few weeks."

When it came time to talk to "Ms. Marvel," editor Amanat said that the first issue will feature art by both Takeshi Miyazawa and Adrian Alphona. "The last year has been about her becoming a hero, and now she gets everything she wants," said Amanat. "This story is about what happens when people know who she is and how Kamala comes to terms with that -- while also being an Avenger, friend, daughter. It's not that easy. She has everything she wants, and she struggles with how to deal with having everything you want."

"Avengers" #0 popped up next, with Brevoort saying that this jam-packed issue will represent the entire new line of Avengers comics. Hitting stands on October 14, the issue will set up new mysteries and secrets that will play out across the Avengers line. "It's your one-stop shop entry point into the Avengers."

The first issue of the new ongoing series, "All-New, All-Different Avengers," came up, with Waid saying that this book is a "career highlight." "I'm really happy with the team we came up with and I love the fact that most of these characters have really interacted with each other, so that gives us a chance to focus on the character stuff and see more of what it's like to be Ms. Marvel interacting with Sam Wilson as Captain America." Waid said that series artists Adam Kubert and Mahmud Asrar have been great to work with. Brevoort added that this book is in the style of the John Byrne and Chris Claremont "X-Men" run, in that it's a small and tight team.

"The big change is that they don't have access to Stark money anymore," said Waid."That was my initial pitch to Tom. The Avengers superpower as a team is that they keep showing up all the time because they have a billion dollars. It's more interesting to have them not have unlimited resources." Brevoort reiterated that they are not poor, they just have to worry about money more than ever before.

"I was really excited about the 'Broke-Ass Avengers,'" said Amanat with a laugh. "I'd buy that."

Nick Spencer spoke about "Sam Wilson, Captain America," saying that he's "having a blast writing Sam. He's an everyman. He's fun to spend time with. What's going to be the most fun is that Sam is from a different generation than Steve. His priorities are different. You'll see Sam stick his nose inside some thorny things in the Marvel Universe. It's got a lot of humor and a lot of fun. Next year is Captain America's 75th anniversary, so it's a big time to write the character."

Brevoort called "Invincible Iron Man" the book to beat, saying that "Iron Man has become the character that is most associated with Marvel. People will argue with me on that, but if you go around the world right now, when people think of Marvel they think of Iron Man. We're putting him at the forefront and heart of the Marvel Universe." The series is written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by David Marquez and arrives in October.

Editor Will Moss talked about "New Avengers," saying that the series kicks off with Sunspot buying A.I.M. and rebranding it. "Because he's bought A.I.M., the government is against them," said Moss. "They're out on Avengers Island. It's going to be a really exciting new series."

"Uncanny Avengers" comes back on October 21st, with Brevoort calling it "the same thing only different." The series will deal with conflicts that have arisen in the interim between the end of "Secret Wars" and the start of "All-New, All-Different Marvel." "Gerry wrote the first script, and Deadpool just showed up," said Brevoort. "No matter how many times I had him rewrite it, he didn't come out. They'll have a new headquarters and a new cast." The book will feature the Human Torch and a new character called Psynapse. Brevoort teased some other characters to be included in the book as well.

The "tiny-sized first issue" of "Astonishing Ant-Man" came up next, with Spencer saying that he wanted the "Astonishing" adjective added to the title. "Where we left things at the end of the first volume, Scott's relationship with his daughter has changed," said Spencer. "A lot of great villains from the '80s. We're set in Miami so it has a 'Miami Vice' vibe."

When "All-New Hawkeye" appeared on the screen, Amanat talked about the series, calling it darker than the previous Matt Fraction run. "This is the story of where Hawkeye will go," said Amanat. "It's Old Man Barton. We'll be doing flash forwards and talk about what is happening currently, and it's about what happens when the Hawkeyes fall apart. It's beautifully told, visually stunning story that Ramon Perez handles so effortlessly."

A round of applause broke out when "The Mighty Thor" #1 appeared, which will arrive in stores on October 7. Editor Moss said that this is the volume where they can get into Jane's head as she's acting as Thor. "Asgard is going to undergo a civil war, so she has a lot of things to deal with," said Moss. The editor also said that Malekith will still be around causing trouble.

The new team book "Ultimates" appeared on the screen, with Moss saying that the book will tackle "huge problems." The book, by Al Ewing and Kenneth Rocafort, will not feature a set leader. "One of the first challenges they're going after is holding them all on the cover -- they're dealing with Galactus," said Moss.

The cover for "Illuminati" #1 revealed the cast of the book. "One of the characters is Titania," said Williamson. "She's at this point in her life where she wants to quit, but getting out of villainy is not an easy task, so the Hood offers her a job. The Hood has been building an army and his goal is to protect other villains. Doctor Doom, Red Skull and Thanos don't care about the guys that just want to rob a bank. It's mostly told from the point of view of The Hood and Titania. The Hood is buying into the fact that he's a bad person and he's totally okay with that. Titania is not really there yet, and it's about him bringing her into the darker parts of the universe." Thunderball will leave the Wrecking Crew for the Hood's team. Enchantress, Mad Thinker and Black Ant will also star in the series.

Bennett talked about her book, "Angela: Queen of Hel," and it will feature the lead character descending into the darkest part of Hel. "It's a story about love and war," said Bennett. "What is left when you've gotten rid of crucial parts of yourself? It's dark, wild, and I really hope you'll join us on this book."

Brevoort said that the new "A-Force" volume will be all that fans love about the current volume but will instead be in the new Marvel Universe. The series will have a core cast but also feature other characters that rotate in and out of the book.

"Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D." will feature the return of Dum Dum Dugan from the dead as he puts on a crew of monsters to fight things in the darkness. Brevoort said that the series is a "crazy, wild over-the-top adventure series. It's big monsters with machine guns and grenades." October will see the release of 26 variants focused on Jack Kirby monsters -- one monster for every letter of the alphabet.

The floor opened up for questions, with one focusing on the fact that the "All-New, All-Different Avengers" roster contains a number of minors on the team. Waid, pointed out that some characters, like Kamala Khan and Miles Morales, have actually been doing super heroics longer than a character like the new Thor. "It's part of the discussion the older Avengers have," said Waid, "but the job is the job and these characters will prove themselves."

"It's not like any of the Avengers are going to disrespect the younger characters just because they're younger," said Brevoort. "They're Avengers, not Teen Titans."

A new Carol Danvers asked about the character's emergence as a frequently used character, with Brevoort specifying that she'll really only be in her series and "Ultimates."

"We're working on some cool connectivity between 'Ultimates' and her job on her space station," said Amanat. "In terms of continuity and make it jive, that's what Tom Brevoort is for."

"We tried very hard to not double dip with characters, so that if there's a character you like and they're on an Avengers book, they'll only be on one," said Brevoort. "There's a little fudge factor. She won't be in every single issue of 'A-Force.'"

A fan asked about Vision's development in "Avengers AI" and whether or not it will factor into his role in "All-New, All-Different Avengers," to which Brevoort urged fans to check out the "Avengers" #0 issue.

When asked about the R-word and whether or not "Secret Wars" will reboot continuity, Brevoort joked that we may never know with the way "Secret Wars" is going scheduling wise. "Once we reconstitute the new Marvel Universe, we're not really throwing anything away," said Brevoort. "The Iron Man you're reading about is the same one you've been reading for the past 50 years. That's a little different from a reboot. DC has thrown everything out every now and then and started on day one."

Another attendee asked if a "Black Panther" book is on the way since other characters with movies coming out have big launches coming. Brevoort didn't confirm or deny if the book will come out, but he did mention that not every book has been announced yet. "That's not half of the books we'll have coming out after 'Secret Wars,'" said Brevoort. "We have to replace every book we stopped after 'Secret Wars.'"

Spender then elaborated on Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers' relationship in his book. The two friends, which Spencer said have one of the greatest friendships in comics, will soon have a relationship status of "It's Complicated." "To put this big problem in between them makes for some really uncomfortable moments," said Spencer. "I'm a huge Steve fan, so when we were coming up with what the conflict was, it was important to me that we be able to see both sides of the argument very clearly. I didn't want Steve to become a bad guy as he got older. I think Steve has a unique perspective."

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