SDCC: "Agent Carter's" Atwell & D'Arcy on Peggy's Love Life, Jarvis Earning His SSR Stripes

Hayley Atwell literally kicked off her stylish stilettos after a long day at Comic-Con International in San Diego, there to tout the upcoming second season of "Marvel's Agent Carter" alongside her co-star James D'Arcy. But as tired as her toes had become, she was more than ready to walk many more miles in Peggy Carter's footwear.

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Although the season is only in the early stages of development, both actors -- who share a playful, banter-y chemistry both on screen and off -- provided a sense of the next step in Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis' retro adventures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In Season Two, to what degree to Peggy does get more of a position of leadership and more respect?

Hayley Atwell: I think she's evolved to a place where she knows what she's capable of. She knows that she is resourceful and despite the obstacles that come her way, whether it's the people that she's working with are actual bad guys, she's tested the water to see how far she can go. She's pretty dynamic, and I think she's a lot more confident in herself. I think also, there was like the psychological cost of losing Steve [Rogers]. And so by the time you have Season Two, she's gotten some closure, so she's ready to move on. Whether that's romantically or just emotionally for herself. So I think she's in a better place.

How does this friendship between Peggy and Jarvis evolve in the next season?

James D'Arcy: Honestly, we don't know. But I think we can all agree that Jarvis has earned his stripes. And while he may not officially be an agent for the SSR, I think unofficially speaking, I should totally get a gun this season. He's been black ops for years.

Atwell: Maybe I can train him.

D'Arcy: In a "Matrix" style.

What can you say about the nature of their mission in California?

D'Arcy: We honestly don't know. I don't think Jarvis wants any sun at all. I think he's got a spectacularly British reaction to the beach. That's my guess. Peggy? She looks good in sunglasses.

Atwell: I can imagine myself sitting in a Cadillac with a headscarf and some fabulous sunglasses, blowing past palm trees and Jarvis in the front driving her around.

D'Arcy: I hope he gets to drive convertibles this year.

Atwell: I think he will!

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In "The Winter Soldier," we're told that Cap saves Peggy's future husband in the war. You won't ever be able to tease that out, but do you know who that man is?

Atwell: I don't!

D'Arcy: I do. I can't tell you, but I do.

The audience response to the character of Peggy was so strong in the first season -- the viewers really embraced her and rooted for her. What did that mean to you, Hayley, and how did that affect where you want to take her next?

Atwell: Well, it gave my work more meaning. I love doing it for the sake of doing it because that's my job, and I love this particular experience because of the people that I get to work with. So to have this natural byproduct of having such a positive impact on many young people, people who liked the comic book, it was very deeply humbling, actually.

And I think it also gave me more of a sense of for Season Two, the responsibility to move that forward and to develop her in a way that for people, it exceeds their expectations of what she can do. So it's very much now not about sitting on my laurels and going, "Okay, well, she's proved this and this. Now, she can just look fabulous in a red hat now..." It's very much about how to take that further and giving her stronger challenges.

D'Arcy: Now, it's fabulous in a green hat.

Atwell: A green hat, exactly.

"Agent Carter" Season Two debuts mid-season 2016 on ABC.

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