SDCC: A Prestige TV-Format 'Veronica Mars' Return?

What would another 'Veronica Mars' resurrection look like?

Well, according to show creator Rob Thomas, it may be somewhat akin HBO's massively popular longform noir 'True Detective.'

During a discussion with TVLine at this week's Comic-Con in San Diego, Thomas, who was promoting the 'iZombie' series he also executive produces, mulled the possibility of bringing Kristen Bell back for another turn as Neptune's favorite detective.

Asked whether fans could expect another 'Mars' movie, like the one that was successfully Kickstarted for a 2014 release, Thomas replied he "hoped so."

"Kristen's game, I'm certainly game."

But could fans hope for a return to the episodic format they originally came to know the characters through?

"Kristen and I have talked about a second movie or trying to take it out as a short-run series–like, a 'Veronica Mars'/ 'True Detective' is really appealing to us."

Prestige, limited-engagement series have proven appealing both for Hollywood A-listers and Netflix-addicted binge-watchers. Actors can remain free of the commitment of full years dedicated to a TV show, and viewers can spend multiple hours with their favorite characters, longer than they could stay at a theater.

While it's a new 'Veronica Mars' show is a tantalizing prospect, fans shouldn't hold their breath, as Thomas indicated that, as yet, he and Bell have "nothing in the works."

But we all know how fast that can change.

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