SDCC: 3A Toys Trumpets ROM, GI Joe and Transformers Collectibles

Faithful fans ROM will finally get that new action figure so many have been waiting for.

Last night 3A Toys rolled out prototype images of a "Transformers" Optimus Prime 16-inch figure, the first release in its upcoming collaboration with toy giant Hasbro.

For some collectors, that might be reason enough for excitement. However, 3A followed that this morning with a teaser image for Hasbro x 3A featuring art by Ashley Wood depicting not only Optimus Prime but also the Baroness from "G.I. Joe," and, yes, ROM.

Debuting in 1979 from Parker Brothers, the original ROM action figure was a commercial failure that quickly faded from toy shelves, although not from memory, largely thanks to the long-running Marvel Comics series created by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema.

Hasbro previously released a limited-edition Mighty Muggs figure at Comic-Con International 2014 to celebrate the property's 35th anniversary.

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