SDCC LIVE: Supernatural Cast & Crew Prepare for Their Last Hunt

With Supernatural's final season beginning this fall, there are plenty of loose ends to tie up before we say goodbye to the Winchesters one last time. The show's cast members and creatives were present at Comic-Con International to give con-goers a peek at what’s to come in Season 15.

The panel began with the announcement that Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict, stars from the show, will be hosting the panel. A clip show thanking the fans for 15 years then aired, showing famous scenes and monsters from the show's history, set to "Don't Fear the Reaper."

Hosts Richard Speight Jr and Rob Benedict came out in matching trenchcoats and then revealed matching leather jackets underneath.

First on stage was executive producer Bob Berens, followed by Andrew Dabb, Robert Singer, Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming.

Next announced was Alexander Calvert, Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

The first question was about where their heads are at. "That's so mean to start with us, I'm trying not to cry," said Jared.

As it comes to the end of an epic chapter, Jared said, "I mean, that is the most grand question of all time... In all honesty, I feel... Jensen?"

"It really is had to express the takeaway from the experience. 14 years and change is a long time. This guy was just in his early 20s, and we hooked it up to Vancouver thinking that we just put our lives on hold for maybe a season maybe 2... and then come back and press play and life would go on. And it never unpaused, and I'm grateful it didn't. It's been quite a ride, and it's difficult to express what we're going to take away from that," said Jensen.

"I consider these guys lifelong friends... but I could never have dreamed that along with that would come this incredible fandom and this iconic legacy of a show... it feels a great honor to be a part of it," said Misha.

Misha Collins talked about how he finished writing a cookbook with his wife and hopes to develop six-pack abs after the show is over.

"Can I confirm that Jack is back in some capacity?... Yeah, Jack had a real not so great end to the season, but for me I think Jack's journey and my small part on the show has been truly incredible. And I'm just so excited for all of these people, and you guys as well, to see this show come to an end," said Alexander.

Bob Singer said, "I think you start with Jared and Jensen... these guys right from the jump, you believe them." He mentioned how Jared and Jensen always gave their best even when scripts were not the best over the course of the 14 seasons.

About God, Brad Buckner said, "I think that final moment... was one of the biggest game-changing moments we've had on the show... because there was an assumption about God. We talked about God having left the building... and that was confirmed when Chuck appeared for the first time a couple of years ago... and the boys accepted it and believed it... but this changed everything. Suddenly we have a God that never left the building really. We had a God in the shadows... so this really messes with your belief system... now everything changes because you can't accept what you learned initially was the truth"

"You're living your life on quicksand," added Eugenie, mentioning how they're playing as writers because since it's the last year, they have the freedom to play around with the idea of truth and God.

Bob Berens said that what's exciting about the Chuck ending is they to play around even more with the idea of free will, which they have been exploring since the beginning of the show, and it will play out throughout the course of this season.

"30% of people will be really happy," said Andrew Dabb about the ending of the series. "So 7/10 people in this room will be pissed off," joked Jared.

About things they haven't gotten to do yet, in an answer to a qeustion asked by a fan, Jared talked about how it would be fun to go to a beach in Hawaii or do laundry in a laundromat in their underwear

"Maybe take the Impala to the track. Maybe get some spending money for the boys," said Jensen.

A fan then asked about the legacy of Supernatural. "This is a really unique feeling... I keep on sort of having out of body experiences... I feel like the relationships I've been able to build --  I've met some of my best friendsn... I also met this girl named Genevieve and had some kids, got really tired, got a few grey hairs... for me the legacy is always going to be... I feel like I"m really lucky because my friendships won't go away, and Sam Winchester, for me, won't go away. He'll be a part of me forever," said Jared.

"Looking back, I'm really proud of the work this team has done for this long. To do a show is not easy... it takes a lot of very talented people to give you guys the best product that we could make. I'm very proud of that product... to still love what we do and be proud at the end of the day ... that's one of the legacies that i"m proud of is we put in the effort... and I'm thankful you guys appreciate that," said Jensen.

Then a video clip aired about the Impala, announcing that they're giving away an exact replica of the famous car on the show. The winner was picked from the panelists who asked questions.

Returning Thursday, October 10 on The CW for its final season, Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and Alexander Calvert.

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