SDCC: Marvel brings their Next Big Thing to Comic-Con

C.B. Cebulski, Margaret Stohl, Donny Cates, Devin Lewis, and Nick Lowe took the stage for Marvel to tease upcoming projects, characters and line.

Infinity Wars Prime was the first focus, despite Duggan and Deodato not being at the convention. Cebulski teased the "summer of secrets -- we've been able to get things in and let things slide right up until release, and the next big secret, the next big surprise, will be in Infinity Wars Prime." Cebulski then teased the Infinity Wars event which will "change the status quo of the Marvel Universe."

Donny Cates then stepped up to say that "Infinity Wars Prime is game changing."

Cebulski then put the "Infinity Warps" amalgam characters spiraling out of Infinity Wars, "We spent almost a full day at the creative summit coming up with the most ridiculous combinations." Donny Cates picked up that they invented a character that didn't make the cut called 'Deadbolt' that was a combination of Deadpool and Black Bolt, who sadly won't be in the story.

Cebulski and Lowe then emphasized that the combination characters are not just a gimmick, "they are a huge part of the story in a way you can't see coming."

Death of the Inhumans was next in focus with Donny Cates. "Vox is not something you want to play around with...and so far things are going great for him. The Kree created the Inhumans to be soldiers and it didn't go great for the Kree, but now the Kree homeworld has been destroyed and the Kree are desperate to build their empire back. They've put out a call to every Inhuman tribe in the galaxy and it's 'join or die.'"

Cates kept going with Cosmic Ghost Rider, "we introduced this character as the right hand of Thanos from the future, he's a Ghost Rider, he's also Frank Castle. So this is his solo series. In Thanos Wins Cosmic Ghost Rider dies, so we pick up here with Frank in Valhalla, which Frank isn't excited about. He didn't want to be rewarded."

Cates then teased upcoming characters for Cosmic Ghost Riders, over 30 of them, including an absurd "Juggerduck," Howard the Duck with the gem of Cyttorak, a version of Rocket wearing armor made out of dead Groot, a grown up Kamala Kahn holding Captain America's shield, and more.

Margaret Stohl then spoke about Life of Captain Marvel and the intent to streamline Carol's origin story because the "heroes journey doesn't look the same for everyone." Stohl then teased a focus on Carol's home life and the awkwardness that comes with going home as an adult, "It's like returning to the scene of the crime where all the bodies are buried."

Avengers was next up with Cebulski talking up the series in Jason Aaron's stead. "Starting with issue 8, we're going to start focusing on the realm under the sea with Namor."

The Marvel Digital Originals were then put in the spotlight. These are books designed to be "binged," forty paged double sized issued designed to "strike a balance between new readers and hardcore fans." These books will be in continuity and designed to give fans full stories in just three weeks.

The Digital Originals line will include the recently announced Jessica Jones, as well as a new Daughters of the Dragon, Iron Fist and Luke Cage series.

Fantastic Four was up next with teases, "there are really big things here, and we're not just going to be focusing on the 'fantastic' part of the team, we're focusing on the first family aspect...Every member of the Fantastic Four ever will be included in this story," Cebulski teased.

He went on to tease two new villains, Victorious and Griever. "Victorious is like Doctor Doom's version of Captain America," Cebulski described, "A national hero for Latveria."

Cebulski moved on to announce The Vision #1 by Chelsea Cain, Marc Mohan and Aud Koch which will pick up where the Vision limited series by Tom King and Gabriel Walta left off with the Vision family.

"This fall, X-Men fans will be very happy," Cebulski teased with an ambiguous slide of the X logo and a date, "Fall 2018." He winked at the X-Men panel coming up on Sunday for a bigger announcement.

A fan asked a question about the project Marvel had done with The Weeknd, Starboy, about whether or not it would be in the Marvel Universe -- but the panel was unable to answer. "Hopefully we can get something going in the future, anything is possible."

A fan asked about the placement of Infinity Wars in continuity. "Gerry's intention for this story will be immediately apparent," Cates said, "It's been extremely shrouded for right now and there's good reason for that...We don't lightly call a book 'Infinity Wars.' This is a big, big event...So far as ramifications are concerned, hang on."

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