SDCC: DC's Top Creators Dive Deep into the Future of the Justice League

The League assembled at Comic-Con International in San Diego for DC's Justice League panel where creators Scott Snyder, Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV, Bernard Chang and Adam Glass came together on stage to talk the future of the DC Universe.

Group editor Marie Javins kicked off the panel by highlighting Snyder's architecture of the Justice League line. Snyder thanked fans sincerely, "Justice League has always been the book I dreamed of writing since Iw as a kid," he said, "this is the heart and soul of the DCU where everyone came together and they made me feel welcomed in...My big goal is to make this feel inclusive to you guys. I want this book to be a huge story but it welcomes everyone in."

Snyder continued, "Everything is coming back, we want to pay it forward. The Omega Titans, Barbatos, the Forge, it's all coming back. Everything you read, our goal is to reward. All of it culminates in like a year in like a Metal event. I don't know if I'm supposed to be saying that but I'm saying it."

"What 'justice' is about -- the world itself has no justice. Nature has no justice. It doesn't reward right or punish wrong. That's what justice is, it's trying to impose that on the world," Snyder explained, "Meanwhile doom is the opposite. It's saying biology is the way things should be...entropy is the natural state. Doom is about being your best self by being selfish. Justice is about being better than yourself."

"About every four of five issues, we're going to show things from the villains point of view," Scott explained, before James Tynion jumped in to say "those I get to write!" So there will be a recurring villain-focused thread running through the Justice League ongoing focusing on the Legion of Doom.

Snyder took over once again, "So coming up, in issue #6, we're going to focus on Joker." Scott continued to tease some upcoming comedy for Batman. "I love Batman as comic relief. I wrote him so seriously for so long."

He kept the teaser train running, confirming the next arc of Justice League with Francis Manpul called "Drowned Earth," set to start in issue #10. It will be an Aquaman focused arc that will bring in the Sea Gods that will come to play a part in Kelly Sue DeConnick's run on Aquaman's solo series.

The Batman Who Laughs was next on the docket, Snyder and Jock's upcoming mini series on sale in November. "I wanted to get back to my roots and door horror. I wanted to make the scariest, darkest Batman story I've ever done. The Batman Who Laughs is coming back...he's got a really evil plan. And he's got a new Dark Knight with him, an evil Batman that picked up Joe Chill's gun in the alley and shot him," Scott explained, "It's another one of Batman's worst nightmares. This is like Punisher Batman, but it's also Bruce Wayne, which makes him terrifying...he's rich, he has access to everything. He's the deadliest Dark Knight ever and he's coming to the DC Universe as a henchman of the Batman who Laughs."

Tynion then took over for Justice League: Dark, "It comes out of the same ground work we saw in No Justice. Magic is backfiring all around the world," he explained while showing a panel of Zatanna experiencing a horrible magical backfire during a run of the mill stage show. "The Source Wall is broke and now something can see us. The original owners of magic are coming back," Tynion says, "and they're coming to take magic back."

"In Justice League: Dark #2, we're going to bring in Dr. Fate, not just Kent but Khalid as well. The Lords of Order are very core to what we're doing here," Tynion teased, "and the villain of the book will be the Upside Down Man, and he is real creepy and he is coming here to eat all of you."

Tynion went on to talk the recently announced "The Witching Hour" event, "We want to explore Diana's relationship to magic and we're going to bring in another member of the Greek pantheon, Hecate, the Goddess of magic."

Williamson then stepped up to talk Justice League: Odyssey, "The Ghost Sector is the Wild West of the DCU, it's the most dangerous part of the DCU. Every time we talked about it we realized things were getting bigger an bigger," he explained vis a vis the delay of Odyssey by several months, "We decided we needed to step back and push it back to be able to really tell this story as big as we want to tell it."

Despite the delay, the team remains the same. "It's weird to say that Darkseid is the heart of this book but he really is," Williamson laughed.

Snyder then explained that the Titans too are part of this new team status quo, confirming that they'll be operating out of the Hall of Justice as well.

Adam Glass and Bernard Chang then took over for Teen Titans. "Damian puts his own team together. I can't wait for you guys to meet Crush who might be Lobo's daughter. Djinn, a 4,000 year old teenager. Roundhouse, Kid Flash, and they'll be going up against Brother Blood."

Glass teased the new Teen Titans headquarters, "It's a kids' detention center, it's no longer a T shaped tower."

A fan asked Tynion about Constantine's presence in Justice League: Dark, to which he responded "Constantine is in page 6 of issue #1. He's here. I just don't see John Constantine as a team player. He's the guy who walks out of the shadows, says 6 things that tear your heart to pieces, then walks back into the shadows," Tynion went on to tease that other characters will show up in the book as well, "See JLD for Blue Devil."

Snyder ended the panel by a final spoiler-flavor tease, winking at the return of the dark Dark Knights from Metal down the line in Justice League.

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