SDCC: The Flash Cast & Crew Talk Season 5 Details

The Flash just got a glimpse of his future. In anticipation of Season 5, stars Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jessica Parker-Kennedy, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Hartley Sawyer, Danielle Nicolet and Tom Cavanaugh and executive producer Todd Helbing turned up at Comic-Con International in San Diego to drop some hints about the upcoming season.

The panel kicked off with a teaser trailer that revealed the long-anticipated Flash ring and Nora's codename: XS.

The Season 5 villain will be "Ciada, and it will be played by Chris Kline," Helbing announced. "So we always take these villains from the comics and put them through the Flash blender. he's not so much a cult leader but his powers sort of present a challenge to team Flash that they've never dealt with before."

Gustin revealed there will be costume upgrades: "a really, really cool new suit." Helbing added that it is the most comic book-inspired costume yet.

According to Gustin, the Season 5 premiere is "the best episode since the pilot... it's really funny. It's our best first episode since the pilot."

"I was so nervous being about being there that didn't think about being there that was like 'just stand there and remember your lines," Kennedy revealed.

"I think we're kind of all on different pages. Barry, Iris and Nora are all in very different headspaces," Gustin shared. "Nora is pretty clingy to Barry. We don't know why. She's kind of attached to him when she arrives and a little more distant with Iris."

"I think it's a weird thing for Iris to see them bond so easily... obviously something happened in the future, which worries Iris," Patton added. Since Iris was raised without a mother, she will doubt her own parenting skills.

Cavanagh will play a new version of Harrison Wells in Season 5. "It could be a past one and it could be anew one and we're going to kick off with a newer one who is a very intelligent being but is maybe not to be trusted," Cavanagh teased. The character will go by Sherloque Wells.

The new season will establish a friendship between Ralph Dibny and Cisco Ramon. "It has a lot to do with Cisco's processing of the breakup with Gyspy. When I look at Cisco's situation, I just feel awful, you know what I'm saying?" Valdes said. "I look forward to seeing how Ralph Dibny can encourage Cisco's bachelorhood this season."

Asked how the baby will affect Joe and Cecile's lives, Nicolet said, "I'm not entirely sure. I think energizing, rejuvinizing and what I think is going to happen is to see them go back to work... she's got an important job and she's got a baby and she figures it out."

"The first few episodes are going to see us recover from that. When a baby comes into the house, everything changes," she added. "I used to have powers, we have a baby, there's a grandchild that showed up that's older than our older kids... I think you'll see them come together as a family."

"When we put [Iris] in the jacket, it was always the plan to have Nora use it in the future," Helbing revealed.

"Stepping into the jacket for the first time was incredible," Kennedy shared.

"This year, his powers are going to be challenged in a way they've never been challenged before," Valdes revealed. "There are some trial and tribulations ahead for little Cisco."

"I think so! I'm excited for the journey. I feel like we sort of teed it up at the end of the season... We'll find out more about what makes Killer Frost, Killer Frost," Panabaker teased.

"You'll learn why and how she got the powers," Helbing added. "She didn't get her superpowers from the particle accelerator. She's working on figuring out that mystery and how she came to be."

As to Iris' journalism career, Patton said, "I've been told that's what we're doing this season, and we've seen a little bit of that in the episode we're shooting... I'm really hoping we find a way to work that into the Flash storyline. We live in such precarious times where we don't know what the truth is... I feel like [journalists] are superheroes... I hope that's a concept we bring to the show and give journalists the praise they deserve."

"Barry's got his job back. Barry is a CSI again in the police department. I love CSI Barry. I love doing that stuff," Gustin announced.

"With Ralph, we're going to start to explore something that I've wanted to do for a very long time, which is the detective aspect," Sawyer added. "We're going to do that this year."

As for the 100th episode, due out this year, Helbing teased, "First, it's going to be directed by Tom Cavanagh." Although this would typically fall during the crossover, the showrunners "flipflopped" the typical crossover order to make the 100th episode the mid-season finale instead, with the following episode taking place during the crossover. "Episode 8 is going to be our big mid-season finale and there will be a big twist to carry us over."

"There will be a lot of deaths this season," he hinted. Additionally, an LGBT character will be introduced this season. The theme of Season 5 will be "Legacy. I think everybody's thinking about what it means after they leave." He also announced that a younger version of the Rogues will appear in the season.

"We're going to try and get King Shark and Gorilla Grodd to do a little bit," he said.

Asked who was faster between Flash and Nora, Gustin said, "Right now, we have to say Barry, but Nora will probably pass him, like Wally did and everyone else."

Airing Tuesday nights on The CW, The Flash stars Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Hartley Sawyer, Danielle Nicolet, Tom Cavanaugh and Jesse L. Martin.

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