SDCC '13 | Leap your way through Comic-Con in new game

If you're a little bummed about not getting to go to San Diego this year, The Devastator has developed a way for you to experience the hustle and bustle of the convention without actually being there: Comic-Con Star Stalker, billed as "the first-ever video game about Comic-Con" (I doubt anyone can dispute that claim).

Available as a free app for iPad and iPhone beginning Monday, Comic-Con Star Stalker casts players as Seth, a fanboy trying to score as many celebrity autographs as he can: "What stands in your way? Ravenous crowds, clunky cosplayers and overzealous security guards. So, y'know, all of Comic-Con." It's a 2D endless-runner game in which Seth leaps over attendees, collects power-ups (nachos, energy drinks and swag), and collects autographs.

If you do make it to Comic-Con, The Devastator crew will be set up at Booth F-03, where attendees will be able to play Comic-Con Star Stalker on a mini-arcade.

(via Nerd Reactor)

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