SDCC '13 | IDW to unleash Walter Simonson's 'Ragnarök'

Walter Simonson, renowned for his redefining run on Marvel's Thor in the 1980s, will return to the world of Norse mythology in a new creator-owned series from IDW Publishing in 2014.

Announced this afternoon at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Ragnarök will feature "iconic deities and classic" tales written and drawn by Simonson. In addition, IDW will release re-mastered collections of Star Slammers, his classic sci-fi tale about intergalactic mercenaries who became the most successful businessmen of all time, and a special Artist's Edition of the series.

The publisher debuted Walter Simonson's The Mighty Thor: Artist's Edition in 2011.

“Scott Dunbier and I first talked about me working on a creator-owned book involving the Norse gods 15 years ago, but as many of my former editors can tell you, I've always regarded deadlines as useful fictions,” Simonson said in a statement. “So here we are ... finally! All I can say is that I've loved the stories of the Viking gods since I was eight. I am thrilled that with IDW's help and support, I'm launching an ongoing series of stories built around a new vision of some old friends. And enemies.”

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