SDCC '12 | Drawn &amp; Quarterly to publish DeForge's <i>Ant Colony</i>

Canadian graphic novel publisher Drawn & Quarterly announced Thursday that it will publish Michael DeForge's Ant Colony, which DeForge has been serializing on his website since last fall.

"Michael DeForge is one of those rare talents who emerge, out of the blue, with a fully formed and singularly unique vision," said Chris Oliveros, D+Q's acquiring editor and publisher. "When I look at his work I sometimes wonder how it was formed, and then I think I can see the influences of several disparate cartoonists over the years, from Mark Beyer through Marc Bell. But ultimately DeForge's work can't be pinned down so easily; his striking visual sensibility and peculiar sense of humor is entirely his own."

For more information on the deal, check out this interview with DeForge by Tom Spurgeon.

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