SDCC ’11 | Morgan Spurlock chronicles Comic-Con

Morgan Spurlock has written a book and made a movie about San Diego Comic-Con. Spurlock got full access to Comic-Con to film Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope and sent photographers Aba Tulle and Peter McCabe out to document the celebrities and the fans forthe lushly illustrated companion volume from DK Publishing. The book will be available, appropriately enough, on Preview Night, at the Sideshow Collectibles booth.

The way the whole thing came together is classic San Diego, and illustrates why people bother to make the trek, despite the hassles involved. It all started when Spurlock went to the 2009 Comic-Con to film a Simpsons special and ended up meeting Stan Lee.

Spurlock said, “I went to kiss his ring and tell him that when I was a kid, he changed my life and made me realize that I could tell all the different kinds of weird adventure stories that were in my head.”

“Stan Lee says to me that we should make a documentary together and it should be about Comic-Con,” Spurlock said. At the same party, Spurlock said he ran into his agent, Robert Michelli from CAA. “I told him I want to make a movie about Comic-Con and he tells me I should meet another client of his—Joss Whedon!”

You get a bunch of creative types into the same room and that's what you end up with. The film was made at the 2010 Comic-Con and features creators like Moto Hagio and Frank Miller as well as movie stars and assorted other celebs. Spurlock said that announcements about screenings will be coming very soon.

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