SDCC '11 | Listen to 15 panels and the Eisner Awards

Jamie Coville regularly attends a whole bunch of comic book conventions and records various panels (with the panelists' permission), then posts them on the internet as podcasts. He's now posted several from this year's San Diego Comic-Con, including the Dwayne McDuffie and Gene Colan tributes, several spotlight panels, the Eisner awards and the Indie Comics Marketing 101 panel (featuring Sam Humphries, Ben McCool, Chip Mosher, Laura Hudson and me!). He's also got pictures from them posted on Picasa, which is where the above photo of our beloved leader comes from.

You'll find the full list of available MP3s after the jump, or head over to Jamie's site for his complete archive.


Maggie Thompson Spotlight (48:46, 44.6mb)Valerie Thompson interviews her mother about her early involvement with Sci-fi fandom and how that bridged into comic fandom. In particular she talks about starting up a network of comic fans back in the 1960s and how that lead to the starting of some key fanzines such as The Comic Buyers Guide and eventually The Comic Reader.

Roy Thomas Spotlight (53:37, 49mb)Roy Thomas is interviewed by Mark Evanier about his career. Among the things they talked about are Roy's editing style, Conan, Barry Windsor Smith, Star Wars, Mort Weisinger, Dracula, Alter Ego, Stan Lee and more.

Indie Comics Marketing 101 (54:03, 49.4mb)On the panel is Sam Humphries, Laura Hudson, Ben McCool, J.K. Parkin and it's moderated by Chip Mosher. They talk about Sam Humphries successful launch of Our Love is Real and Ben McCool's cross country signing tour. Chip Mosher, Laura Hudson and J.K. Parkin with advise on how to market to comic book news sites.

The Black Panel - Dwayne McDuffie Tribute (1:19:39, 72.9mb)Dwayne McDuffie was a very intelligent well loved writer, editor, producer of comic books and animation. He is best known for Milestone Media, Static Shock, Justice League Unlimited, Ben 10, Damage Control, Deathlok and more. He died suddenly earlier this year and this panel comprised of his friends and colleagues to talk about Dwayne. On the panel were the co-founders of Milestone Media Denys Cowan, Derrick Dingle and moderator Michael Davis. Also on was Peter David, Keith Knight, Reggie Hudlin, Phil LaMarr and Matt Wayne. They all talked about Dwayne's intelligence, generosity and creativity. Towards the end they invited fans who's had experiences with Dwayne to speak about them and a few people who are now professional writers spoke of how Dwayne took hours of his time to critique their work and how he helped them become the professional writers they are today.

Gene Colan Tribute (44:56, 41.1mb)Marv Wolfman, Roy Thomas, Dean Mullaney, Andrew Farago, Steve Leialoha, Glen David Gold and moderator Mark Evanier gather to talk about Silver Age artist Gene Colan who passed away earlier this year. The panelists talked about those that inked him, his drawing style, him working as Austin Adams at Marvel and more.

The Golden Age of Fanzines (1:14:35, 68.2mb)On this panel are the pioneers of comic fanzines and organized fandom. Panelists include Maggie Thompson, Richard and Pat Lupoff, Richard Kyle, Paul Levitz, Roy Thomas, Jean Bailes and moderated by Bill Schelley. Each talk about how they started their fanzines started. A lot of the audience were fanzine publishers as well and they asked questions about other fanzines (Rocket Blast Comic Collector in particular) and thanked the group for doing fanzines and welcoming them into their world.

That 70's Panel (45:24, 41.5mb)Creators from the 70s gather to talk about their work at that time. Moderated by Mark Evanier, the panelist are Roy Thomas, Walter & Louise Simonson, Len Wein, Mike Royer and Joe Staton. Mark asked about their first work in comics, how long they felt the comic industry was going to last (many assumed it would be dead in 5 years), what career they might have pursued if the comic industry did collapse, their views on older artists that was still working, Warren Publishing (Jim Warren in particular), Star Wars, Manhunter and more.

ComicsPro: So You Want To Be A Comic Book Retailer? (1:21:24, 74.5mb)Moderated by Joe Field, retailers Portlyn Polston, Jennifer Haines, Chris Brady and Diamond outside Sales Manager Dave Hawksworth give a brief rundown of their experience and answer questions from existing and aspiring retailers on starting up a comic store or improve a store. Among the topics covered are getting female readers, stocking back issues, digital comics, percentage of sales on comics vs trades and other topics.

50 Years of Comic Fandom (1:17:18, 70.7mb)Roy Thomas, Bill Schelley, Maggie Thompson, Richard & Pat Lupoff, Richard Kyle and Jean Bailes talk to Mark Evanier about their start in organizing fandom. Richard (Dick) & Pat Lupoff and Bill Schelley receive inkpot awards from the Comic-con organization. They also talked about the reaction of sci-fi fandom towards comic fandom. The panelists reveal the first comic convention they've ever attended and the first fanzine they contributed to.

Is the Comic Book Doomed? (46:01, 42.1mb)Douglas Wolk brings together a number of people in the industry to talk about the lifespan of the 32 page comic book. On the panel is Amanda Emmert (Retailer, ComicsPro), Laura Hudson (Media, Comic Alliance), Vijaya Iyer (Co-Publisher, Cartoon Books) and Mark Waid (Long time writer & editor). Emmert and Waid go back and forth about the viability of the monthly comic with Iyer discussing how Bone would be done if it were launched today. There is a bit of talk about why digital would replace the monthly as well.

CBLDF: 25 Years of Protecting Creativity (52:01, 47.6mb)Charles Brownstein gives a history comic book censorship and the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund. He outlines the major cases the fund has been involved in over the years and their results. Charles mentions that there is a worrying trend of censors targeting readers instead of retailers and publishers, but wrapping up their objections as child pornography to tarnish the reputations of those who purchase the books of which they do not approve of.

Walter and Louise Simonson Spotlight (1:16:13, 69.7mb)Scott Dunbier interviews Walter and Louise Simonson about their careers. Walter talks about drawing and eventually writing and in particular talk about the Alien adaptation Graphic Novel/Album with Archie Goodwin published by Heavy Metal. Louise talks about her time as editor of Warren Publishing and Marvel. She also talks about Power Pack. At the end of the panel one lucky fan wins an Artists Edition of Walt Simonson's Thor.

Jack Kirby Tribute (1:04:15, 58.8mb)The annual Jack Kirby Tribute panel has Walter Simonson, Erik Larsen, Mike Royer, Richard Kyle and UK Celebrity Jonathan Ross. Moderated by Mark Evanier, the group talk about Jack and his inkers. Among them was Vinnie Colletta, Mike Royer, Joe Sinnott and Steve Ditko. Jonathan talks about his love of Jack Kirby and his desire to do a documentary on him (talk of his documentary on Steve Ditko popped up). They also talk about his DC work and the redrawing of Superman. Several people made announcements of upcoming Jack Kirby work coming out, including a movie about the time Jack helped the CIA rescue American hostages in Iran.

The Philippine Invasion (41:16, 37.7mb)Philippino artists Ernie Chan, Alex Nino, Tony DeZuniga and Gerry Alanguilan are interviewed by Mark Waid about their getting started at DC Comics. Nino talks about switching from DC to Marvel in order to get the "real" page rate for artists at the time. He also talks about the freedom they at DC because his work was more suited to horror, which wasn't popular in their local comic market. They discuss how the comic industry reacted to the Philippino artists when they started. Gerry talks about his working for DC today. They also talked about Nestor Redondo and how he influenced all of them.

Richard and Pat Lupoff Spotlight (47:04, 43mb)Moderated by Maggie Thompson, Richard and Pat Lupoff talk about their lives before getting in comic fandom. Pat reveals about how they met and became a couple. Richard (Dick) talks about his life prior to fanzines, being an Army Lieutenant and working for IBM. He also talks about the productions of the fanzines. How he met Otto Binder and also a great story about mystery writer Don Westlake gave him an essay to print in which he told off the science fiction editors that he had worked for previously. I should note that Donald Westlake is the writer of the Richard Stark's Parker stories that Darywn Cooke is adapting for IDW.

Full 2011 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards (3:09:55, 173mb)The 2011 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards was held in the Indigo Room at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront on Friday, July 22nd.Introduction by Masters of Ceremonies Bill Morrison. He was assisted by the lovely Kayre Morrison.The welcome was done by Jackie Estrada, Eisner Awards Administrator.

Presenters included Robert Ben Garant & Thomas Lennon, Joëlle Jones, Gerry Alanguilan, Jill Thompson, Phil LaMarr, Dave Gibbons & Jonathan Ross, Lance Henriksen, Anina Bennett & Paul Guinan, Glen David Gold & Patrick McDonnell, Ian Boothby, Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez, Greg Rucka and Walter & Louise Simonson. The Russ Manning Most Promising Newcomer Award was presented by Chris Bailey. The Bill Finger Award was presented by Mark Evanier. The Spirit of Comics Retailer Award was presented by Joe Ferrara. The Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award was presented by Ruth Clampett. Sergio Aragones presented the Hall of Fame and Maggie Thompson did the Memoriam.

The Winners can be found at the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards page.

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