SDCC '11 | Dan Parent on the future of Kevin Keller

As we mentioned earlier, Archie Comics has some big news this week: Kevin Keller, their first openly gay character, is getting his own series. We fired off a couple of quick questions to Kevin creator Dan Parent and here's what he had to say:

Robot 6: What makes you think Kevin has a strong enough personality to sustain his own series?

Dan Parent: I think he's proven that with his popularity beyond his initial appearance. He feels like he's been a part of the gang for years already.

Robot 6: Will he have his own set of friends, or will he hang out with Archie, Betty, Veronica, and the rest of the Riverdale crowd?

Dan Parent: Both actually. We've met some of his friends from his past who will continue to be around, and we've seen his relationship with the main five characters. What will be interesting are his relationships with other members of the Riverdale gang. And there will be a few new characters too.

Robot 6: How will having his own comic change Kevin? Do you expect him to evolve over the life of the series?

Dan Parent: Kevin will continue to evolve, as he's still a young man growing up. He'll have to deal with being a new kid in a new school, and still have to deal with being gay in a much more tolerent but still sometimes adversive world.

Robot 6: Will Kevin get to grow up and have a committed relationship (maybe even get married?) as Archie and co. have done in Life With Archie?

Dan Parent: Well, we've just announced that Kevin will become a part of the Life With Archie book next year, where he will be in a committed relationship. And there is marriage talk! Stay tuned for more details!!

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