SDCC '11 | Because every hero (and villain) needs to eat

While riding the bus back to my hotel yesterday, we passed the world famous Kansas City Barbeque, where several heroes and one villain had just finished dining.

Kansas City Barbeque is well known as the setting for the famous bar scene in the 1980s Tom Cruise movie Top Gun, but as you'll see in the image below, it's also the favorite BBQ joint of super heroes from every publisher -- including Crusader and Darkblade from Love and Capes, who are on the poster behind Cap:

Here's a close-up of the poster, taken from Thom Zahler's site:

Zahler recently wrapped up a Love and Capes miniseries at IDW and, as announced at the show, will return for a second one from the publisher subtitled "What to Expect." Zahler was also at the First Comics panel on Thursday, as he's been doing some design work for them.

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