SDCC '10 | Kodansha to do portfolio reviews

If you aspire to become a real manga artist and draw for a Japanese magazine, like American Felipe Smith has done with Peepo Choo, here's your big chance: Kaori Kitamoto, editor of Chi's Sweet Home, will hold portfolio reviews for Morning magazine at the Vertical booth at Comic-Con International.

Published by Japan's largest publisher, Kodansha, Morning and its sister publication Morning 2 are seinen magazines aimed at young men and are the source of such critically acclaimed series as Takehiko Inoue's Vagabond, the cute cat manga Chi's Sweet Home and Naoki Urasawa's Billy Bat.

Vertical's marketing director Ed Chavez says Kitamoto will be on the lookout for possible series to run in the magazine as well as entries for the Morning International Comics Competition, with the emphasis on the latter. She wants to see stories that are no more than 50 pages long, and she is open to "any style but with clear paneling, strong character development and thoughtful narrative," Chavez says. Take a look at their site (in Japanese) to get an idea of the range of art styles — it's not all big eyes and spiky hair by any means.

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