SDCC '10 | <i>John Byrne's Next Men</i> return at IDW

IDW Publishing announced yesterday that John Byrne's Next Men will return with new stories in December.

"When John started working for us three or four years ago, two things happened, and have been happening pretty much every month since then," said IDW's CCO/Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall. "I've been asking John about doing new Next Men comics, and fans have been e-mailing me demanding that we do new Next Men stories. Happily, after all this time, John is going to quiet us all down and do just that."

Debuting in 1991, Byrne's Next Men originally ran for thirty issues and a standalone prequel graphic novel, 2112. Next Men ceased publication in 1995 and left fans with a cliffhanger at the end of issue 30.

IDW has previously collected the existing Next Men material, in two black and white "Compleat" volumes and oversized Premiere Edition hardcovers, the third volume of which will be available in stores in September.

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