SDCC '10 | DC moving to L.A.?

Long has this rumor bedeviled industry watchers and anxious DC employees alike, and now it's getting its first quasi-official airing in the mainstream press: An L.A. Times profile of DC Entertainment President and Chief Creative Officer (and superstar writer) Geoff Johns by writers Geoff Boucher and and Ben Fritz notes that DC may move its publishing wing, long a fixture in New York City's comics scene, to Los Angeles.

The bomb is dropped almost in passing: "The biggest challenge for Nelson and Johns may be merging the cultures of the Warner lot in Burbank and the offices of DC, which are in Manhattan but may soon move to L.A.," write Boucher and Fritz. If so, this would be the biggest fallout yet from the structural reshuffling at the top of DC that took place late last year following Publisher Paul Levitz's retirement, and a sign that parent company Warner Bros. is deadly serious about integrating the publishing/idea-factory side of DC with its movie-making and entertainment empire.

To be clear, no official announcement has been made, despite expectations that Nelson and company would address the move -- potentially life-altering as it is for the DC staff -- sooner rather than later. And I'd guess that if an announcement's in the offing, it'll wait until the San Diego dust settles. But a transition from Gotham to Hollywood may well be in the works.

(Via Heidi MacDonald)

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