SDCC '10 | Bring your smack talk to the Oni booth to become SDCC Champion

Mattel, which has the license to make action figures of World Wrestling Entertainment superstars, will host several WWE superstars at their booth during Comic-Con, including The Miz, Eve, John Morrison, The Bella Twins, Chris Masters, Melina and Kane.

But that still isn't the coolest wrestling-related thing happening at the show. No, that would be Jarrett Williams' no-words-barred contest to be crowned Super Pro K.O. World Champion of Comic Con 2010.

Williams, whose Super Pro K.O. book debuts at the show, will award the above championship belt to whoever can deliver the best pre- or post-match "throw down speech" at the Oni booth on Saturday. "All the excitement will be videoed and posted on the Oni Blog, so even if you're not at the show you can witness the action," Oni's press release reads. "The winner will be announced at the Oni booth on Sunday 7/25 at 10am where Jarrett Williams and special guest judge Bryan Lee O'Malley will award the first Heavyweight Championship Belt of Comic-Con!"

Old school "wrastlin'" costumes and personas are encouraged ... where's my Mr. Wrestling II mask when I need it?

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