SDCC '10 | Apple likes comics, plan your Comic-Con online and more booth schedules

• Apple is getting in on the Comic-Con pre-show hype by highlighting all their comic book applications within iTunes. In their "App Spotlight" newsletter, they wrote: "We're dusting off our Klingon costumes — it's time for Comic-Con. From Marvel Comics favorites to more recent releases such as Twilight: The Graphic Novel, you can now enjoy comics and graphic novels from past and present right on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch."

• The Comic-Con International site this year introduced a scheduling feature that allows you to pick and choose the panels, films, etc. you'd like to attend, and then export them to your mobile device of choice. In addition, it also shows you how many people have indicated which panels they plan to attend, which is a fun way to see how popular certain panels are.

My wife used it over the weekend; it took her about half an hour to set up, browse the extensive schedule, make her selections and subscribe to it so she gets updates directly on her iPhone calendar (the bulk of that time was going through the schedule and deciding what she wanted to attend). At the time, it looked the Glee and Joss Whedon panels were the most popular.

• Top Shelf Comix has posted information on the new books they're bringing to the show, as well as who will be at their booth. Their guest list includes Jeff Lemire, Kathryn & Stuart Immonen, James Kochalka, Matt Kindt, Jeffrey Brown and more. New books include Ax Vol. 1, The Playwright and Fingerprints.

• Sparkplug sent details on what will be going down at their booth:

• Here is the signing schedule for Oni Press:

• Smith Micro Software, Inc. (who I should point out is one of this blog's sponsors) is bringing Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons to Comic-Con to greet fans at booth #5238 for exclusive signings. Gibbons creates his characters and storylines using Smith Micro’s Manga Studio software, and he will use Manga Studio to design an all-new, limited edition poster created specifically for Comic-Con 2010 attendees. Here's a tease:

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