SDCC '09 | Preview night

• So, leaving off from yesterday ... had lunch with Strangeways creator Matt Maxwell at Tommy's, which serves hamburgers and fries topped with chili. Oh man.

• After delighting our palates, Matt and I picked up Matt's roommate for the show, Savage Critic Jeff Lester, and headed to the show to get our badges. Both Jeff (who has written comics for BOOM!) and Matt were getting pro badges. Last year these were two separate lines at the con, and I remember watching the pro line move fairly well while the press line went really slow.

Gotta give major props to the con folks this year, as using a pre-registration system that resulted in printing a barcode from the web, both pros and press were in the same line. And it moved really fast. A volunteer zapped your barcode, printed your badge and sent you on your way. It was very easy and painless, and I didn't get sunburned while waiting in line like last year.

• After moving through the line, we ran into David Gallaher, writer/co-creator of High Moon on Zuda. He mentioned he's doing a comic for the iPhone.

• I went to check out the CBR yacht after that, where Jonah Weiland showed me around and gave me my snazzy new CBR business cards. Also got to meet several folks who work on the site, like Stephen Gerding and Kiel Phegley, who I've known via the internet now for many months but just met in person.

• At the show, talked with several folks ... AiT founder and Robot 6 contributor Larry Young, Love and Capes creator Thom Zahler, several folks from BOOM!, DC, Dynamite, Oni ... also met Crogan's Vengeance creator Chris Schweizer and his wife Liz, who was attending her first Comic Con. Crogan's Vengeance is the first in a planned series of books about the Crogan family tree, which includes pirates, spies, cowboys, etc. The next book, which Chris showed me pages for, is about the foreign legion.

Here they are:

If you look on the wall behind them, you'll see a new Oni title that's being announced later today by Rashida Jones of The Office fame. They were also handing out cards promoting Stumptown, Greg Rucka's upcoming series, that includes a phone number where you can call Stumptown Investigations -- 503-389-2135.

• At the BOOM! booth, Roger Langridge was the man. He had a good line going of fans looking for autographs and sketches.

• Had dinner with Jonah and the DC PR team, including David Hyde, Pamela Mullins, Austin Trunick and Alex Segura. We talked about everything from Blackest Night to Alex's beard.

• Saw Morgan Spurlock several times wile walking through the Marriott. He of course is recruiting folks for the Simpsons documentary he's doing.

• Also, in addition to the yacht, there is a CBR golf cart. Took a ride on it at midnight last night with Jonah and Remy Minnick.

• Came back to the room and chatted with David Brothers, my roommate, about the con and a range of topics that included Ann Nocenti's Daredevil.

• Today I'm covering two panels for the main site: the LongBox panel and the Jeff Smith/Terry Moore panel. Best start heading that direction ...

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