SDCC '09 | Marvel Anime teaser trailers debut

Marvel and Japanese animation studio Madhouse have unveiled mind-blowing teaser trailers for Iron Man and Wolverine, the first of four planned anime series.

Okay, Wolverine looks just pretty good; Iron Man is mind-blowing. You really shouldn't wait: Skip to the end of this post and watch them now.

It was revealed yesterday at the "Marvel Animation" panel that Blade and X-Men will be the next projects in the series, which is expected to debut on Japan's Animex channel in spring 2010. I've not seen word yet as to when the shows will air elsewhere.

Written by Warren Ellis, Iron Man is set in Tokyo, and deals with a culture clash and the history of weapon design. Wolverine, meanwhile, is rooted in the 1982 miniseries by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller.

Now go watch those trailers. Again and again:

If for some reason the trailers don't load, they can be viewed here and here at Comic Book Resources.

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