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SDCC ‘09 Fat Bastard Challenge, Week Four

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SDCC ‘09 Fat Bastard Challenge, Week Four

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last checked in with our contestants in the SDCC ‘09 Fat Bastard Challenge. As you’ll recall, Comic Book Resource head honcho Jonah Weiland challenged Monster Attack Network/Highwaymen/Genius co-writer Marc Bernardin to a weight loss contest leading up to the San Diego Comic-Con. Both competitors are attempting to lose 20 lbs. before the big show.

The rules are:

  • The person with the most weight loss by San Diego is treated to a $50 meal by the loser.
  • They both have to donate $10 to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund for every pound of weight less than 20 they haven’t lost by San Diego.

The final weigh-in is set to take place on the CBR Yacht at Comic-Con International in San Diego on Thursday, July 23.

I tossed a few questions at Marc and Jonah to see how they were doing, especially in light of the holiday weekend:

JK: It’s been two weeks since the last weigh in, and we had a little something called the Fourth of July in between then and now. Barbecue, potato salad, beer, ice cream … did you go all out on the 4th, or did you hold back?

Marc: I held back as much as I could, but there was beer to be imbibed, burgers (sans buns) to eat, and a 4th of July party that served something called Monkey Bread. Which, as I learned, basically consists of cinnamon sugar-covered munchkins crammed into a bundt cake mold and doused with a melted-butter-and-brown-sugar death goop. Ye gods, man. Evil dessert, that. So there was some weight, er, fluctuation around Independence Day, yes.

Jonah: No holding back — I’m a firm believer that vacation and time off should be spent enjoying yourself, especially so since it’s really the last break I get prior to Comic-Con. I dove in head first — burgers, hot dogs, chips, bean dip, a cocktail or 15. YOU NAME IT! That said, I did continue to exercise, even visiting with my trainer Michael Blanks the morning of July 4th.

JK: Overall how much weight have you lost so far?

Marc: As of this morning, I weighed in at 245. Just two pounds down from last week, giving me a net loss of 11 pounds. I got into jeans this morning that I haven’t seen in seasons.

Jonah: I started out at 234.5 and I’m now at 228. My weight loss has been slower than Mark’s, but I’m OK with that. The reason being is two fold — I’ve not been as strict with my diet (a bowl of Cap’n Crunch cereal almost nightly is necessary) and my exercising has built up a lot of muscle. I’ve really begun to notice the changes, too — my clothing fits better, there are muscles where there haven’t been muscles in a while, an extra notch is needed on my belt and I feel better.

That said, I did want to try to increase the weight loss a bit so I’ve added the Drenched Fit classes Michael teaches at Body Theory to my regiment. I’m still doing the weight training with Michael, but as a cardio workout the Drenched Fit classes have absolutely kicked my ass! Lots of boxing, sit ups, push ups, running, jumping jacks, lunges, etc. … you name it! Honestly, during the class I will think to myself, “What the hell are you doing here?” But the next day I can feel the results and that’s a great feeling.

JK: We’ve got two weeks before the big weigh in at Comic Con. What’s your plan for going the distance between then and now?

Marc: I think I’m probably gonna have to kick it up a notch by — perish the thought — hitting the gym. I’ve been doing this all through diet and cardio; time to add some plates of weights to the regimen. Time to pin the needle, boys. And I’m getting’ hungry, Jonah — better fatten up your wallet.

Jonah: More training and classes with Michael, augmented by some bike riding. I’ve only taken two fit classes thus far and can take two more next week, but the week of Comic-Con I won’t have that opportunity. I’m headed to San Diego the Monday before the show, so I’ll be on my own. That said, maybe I’ll take my bike down and ride up and down the board walk each day.

Oh, and hopefully there will be less Cap’n Crunch in my day, but man, that Captain’s a charming evil bastard. At least I’m eating it with Soy Milk. Damn, I know, that doesn’t help.


(Artwork this time comes from the always awesome Covered blog — Chris Harmon draws the cover to Superman #221)

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