SDCC '09 | Fantagraphics to publish complete Nancy

Buried under all the Marvelman news was Fantagraphics revelation that they will publish the complete run of Ernie Bushmiller's comic strip Nancy, which has developed a devoted audience with certain comic book connoisseurs over the years. Information on the series seems to be sketchy for the moment, but I was able to find this item from R. Fiore on the Comics Journal message board:

It's going to be like Dennis the Menace in that they're going to be thick little books, and it will begin with 1938, when the name was changed from Fritzi Ritz to Nancy. The first volume will appear next year some time. I wasn't listening that closely because I'm not that interested, but I would assume the publishing schedule would be similar to Dennis.

I'll try to get more info on the series as soon as it becomes available.

In other Fantagraphics news:

• The Complete POGO will also debut next year at Comic-Con. The first volume was supposed to be published back in 2007, but was delayed due to the problem of finding high-quality scans.

• Promotions director Eric Reynolds was named associate publisher. Congratulations Eric! Long overdue in my opinion.

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