Scream: Resurrection's Bloody Ending, Explained

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Scream: Resurrection, airing on VH-1.

While fans were disappointed with the first two seasons of the series, Scream: Resurrection offers a more optimistic take, as it brings back Ghostface from the films, voiced by Roger L. Jackson, to boot.

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With the main pieces of the puzzle in place, Season 3 focuses on Atlanta, where high school football player Deion (RJ Cyler) and a crew of detention students, aptly dubbed the "Deadfast Club," are stalked by the slasher. As everyone tries to figure out why they're targeted, Deion realizes the murder spree ties back to Halloween 2008, during which his twin Marcus died. The killer's goal is to force Deion to admit the truth about that night, which unravels in the finale, "Endgame."

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Deion confesses to his half-brother Jay (Tyga) that he's actually Marcus. Shortly before both boys were attacked 11 years earlier, they switched costumes because Marcus was bullied in his Ghostface garb. He was an awkward kid, so Deion gave him his quarterback uniform, and donned Marcus' costume instead. So when the murder occurred in a nearby garage, it was Deion who went missing, and in the confusion that followed, no one realized the twins had switched places.

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Watching his mother grieving, Marcus decided to become Deion, especially as he now had a chance to forge a new, more popular, identity while also honoring his brother's potential. However, that isn't the biggest twist, because when Marcus investigated the garage previously, he found out his brother wasn't killed by its owner.

When the owner Luther (Tony Todd), who suffered from PTSD, was spooked by the boys, he retaliated, which led to Marcus running away and then going on to become Deion. That guilt haunted him all his life, as he thought he left his brother behind for the "Hook Man" to kill and hide. However, Luther revealed he and the police searched for the boy but couldn't find him. Seeing as he was a black kid, the cops cared little about solving the case. When Luther eventually found the boy, he had died while hiding in a car trunk. That's why Luther buried the body, to save himself.


Marcus' admission to his half-brother isn't random, however, as Jay turns out to be the Ghostface killer. He wanted revenge after Marcus' father, Earl, left Jay and his mother, and returned to Atlanta to care for Marcus and his mother. Sadly, Jay's mom committed suicide, which led to him heading to Atlanta for retribution.

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What pushed Jay over the edge was he already knew Marcus was an imposter, as Deion and Jay meet years before, as kids. Seeing as this Deion didn't recognize him, Jay pieced together what happened, and decided to make Marcus pay.

Viewing Marcus as a liar, Jay began to kill off Marcus' peers to send a warning. But just when Jay is burning evidence, he's stabbed by a second Ghostface killer. Jay is held hostage in a room, and it's up to Marcus to rescue him, after some goading from the second murderer. Both come clean, but as Jay dies, he still won't rat out the partner who betrayed him, because he knows the other killer is going after Marcus' girl, Liv (Jessica Sula). He hates Marcus so much, he dies keeping that secret.


Liv knocks out the resident goth girl, Beth (Giorgia Whigham), after clues lead them back to school. By the time Marcus gets there, however, he suspects either of them could be the second killer. He doesn't trust Jay, and he's skeptical of the girls. However, Beth shoots Marcus, revealing herself as Jay's lover, and the one he confided in when he came to town.

She was obsessed with horror, and saw this as an origin story to become a mass murderer. Therefore, she concocted the plan for her and Jay to become Ghostface, splitting the kills. Of course, it helped that she hated everyone in school. Beth admits she played Jay and killed him to wrap up loose ends, and chases Liv to the rooftop to finish the job. Luckily, Marcus is still alive, and he teams with Liv to push Beth through the roof, and to her death.

As both investigate the fall, Beth shockingly returns to life, paying homage to the movies, only for Kym (Keke Palmer) -- the social activist Beth tried to scare away from the school using Ghostface on the phone -- to return and pump her full of bullets. Kym reminds everyone, "They always come back for one final scare."

The three eventually head off to college, with Marcus and Liv in California. As they discuss the future, we see Marcus hang up on an unknown caller, a nod to how Ghostface contacted them throughout the season.

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