Scream Queens Creator Is Already Mulling the Show's Resurrection

Ryan Murphy Scream Queens Season 2

Ryan Murphy is teasing a possible Scream Queens revival. In an Instagram post, he revealed he's spoken to some of the horror comedy's biggest stars about bringing back the Chanels.

Running for two seasons on FX, Scream Queens showed the lighter side of Murphy's horror obsession and moved away from the grisly tone of American Horror Story. Even so, there were plenty of gruesome goodbyes as Scream Queens united the likes of Nick Jonas, Lea Michelle, Emma Roberts and the show's very own scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis.

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In his post, Murphy asked fans for their help in deciding where the shallow world of the Chanels should go next. He confirmed that he's spoken to Michelle, Roberts and Billie Lourd about a possible continuation. "Should it be a six episode limited? A catch up movie? Who should I bring back?" he mused.

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Scream Queens was already on the cusp of cancellation when FX renewed the series for a second season. Although it was originally thought to be an anthology show like American Horror Story and American Crime StoryScream Queens Season 2 moved the kooky cast of characters to a new setting. Swapping the sorority house of Kappa Kappa Tau for the hospital halls of the C.U.R.E. Institute, Scream Queens added the likes of Taylor Lautner, John Stamos and Kirstie Alley but failed to keep its ratings up.

Season 2 of Scream Queens rounded off with Roberts' Chanel Oberlin living her best life with her own TV show. In classic horror style, the show ended on a cliffhanger as Chanel #1 was surprised by a new Red Devil Killer and hints that Season 3 could return to Wallace University. There's plenty of ways the story could go for a limited series or even a theatrical release.

At its peak, Scream Queens was a clever spin on '90s slashers like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream. With MTV currently rebooting its own Scream TV series, now could be a great time for Scream Queens to return to screens. The news is sure to be enough to get pulses racing in the show's cult fandom.

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