Scream: Blumhouse Exec Scoffs At Reports of a Movie Reboot

One of the most beloved slasher film franchises is the Scream series, with all four cinematic installments helmed by prolific horror filmmaker Wes Craven. While the franchise has found new life on television, a new film hasn't been been produced since 2011's Scream 4.

Following Blumhouse Productions' successful revival of the Halloween franchise last year, there were reports that the acclaimed horror studio was similarly moving forward with a planned cinematic reboot of the Scream franchise. However, these reports were soundly rebuffed by Blumhouse Vice President of Film Development Ryan Turek on Twitter.

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In the meantime, Blumhouse is currently developing two sequels to its Halloween revival, with next year's Halloween Kills and 2021's Halloween Ends. Filmmaker David Gordon Green is attached to direct and co-write both installments with returning screenwriter Danny McBride. Halloween creator John Carpenter and longtime star Jamie Lee Curtis are attached to executive produce both upcoming films.

As for the Scream franchise, a revival anthology series premiered on MTV in 2015, with a second season airing the following the year. A third season, titled Scream: Resurrection, moved to VH1, premiering on the new cable network last month.

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