<i>Scream 4</i> Lands In Court Already

The fourth movie in the Scream series may still be a year away from release, but it's already resulted in a lawsuit from one of the producers of the original trilogy. Well, there's no such thing as bad publicity, right...?

According to the Hollywood Reporter's THR, Esq. blog, producer Cathy Konrad is suing the Weinstein Co. for developing the fourth installment without her knowledge. Konrad worked as a producer on the first three Screams, and claims that she was contractually entitled to be given the opportunity to be involved in any further sequels on the same financial basis as her involvement in Scream 3. Her lawsuit alleges that she was unaware of any potential Scream 4 plans until she read about them in the trade papers, and that she was ousted so that the movie would be made for less money, and allow the installation of director Wes Craven's wife in her place.

In response, the Weinstein Co.'s lawyer, Bert Fields, called the suit "just plain baloney," adding, "If you ignore the contract, what she says makes sense. But that's why we have contracts."

Scream 4 is scheduled for release in April of 2011.

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