Scream 4 Is Very Long, Enlists Anna Paquin & Kristen Bell

When Ghostface rears his head again — or her head, or possibly even their heads, as the case may be — the menacing slasher will have plenty of time to claim victims, as the script for Scream 4 currently clocks in at 140 pages.

In an article that confirms recent reports of True Blood actress Anna Paquin and Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell joining the cast of the Scream sequel, likely in cameo roles ala Drew Barrymore and Jada Pinkett-Smith's ill-fated victims in the first two outings, Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter offers up another gem: Scream 4's screenplay sits at 140 pages, which roughly translates to 140 minutes based on the general "one page equals one minute of screen time" rule of thumb.

As a result of the script's length, shooting on the Wes Craven-directed sequel is expected to last through September 24. Originally, Scream 4 was supposed to finish filming over Labor Day weekend.

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