<i>Scream 4</i> In Trouble, <i>5</i> Dead?

The Scream franchise revival may already be over before Scream 4 is finished shooting, if rumors are to be believed - Rumors that say that Scream 5 isn't going to happen at all.

Zap2It is reporting that Kevin Williamson is no longer involved with the revival of the Scream movies, and that his Scream 4 script has been significantly rewritten by Scream 3's Ehren Kruger, and not for the better. The site claims that Lauren Graham's role has been reduced so much that the actress has left the production, and that Hayden Panetierre's part, previously described as "really sharp" has been "dumbed down significantly," leaving Panetierre "beyond frustrated with the changes." Furthermore, the site alleges that recent announcements of new actors signing onto the movie are due to those actors replacing previously announced ones dropping out in protest over the changes.

There is no reason given for Williamson's departure, merely a statement that his "involvement with the project has come to an end entirely," and that that means there won't be the previously announced Scream 5. Whether true or not, expect some official response to these rumors soon.

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