Scratch9: The Pet Project HC

Scratch9: The Pet Project (Deluxe Second Life Edition) HC collects all of Scratch9's adventures in one comprehensive volume; original issues #1-4 of Scratch9; issues #1 and 2 of Cat Tails, with all new bonus material; Written by Rob M. Worley; Art by Jason T. Kruse, Joshua Buchanan, and others; Cover by Jason T. Kruse and Joshua Buchanan; $12.99; available March 31, 2014.

"Following Scratch9's FCBD adventure, comes the complete Eisner Award-nominated story of The Pet Project. Scratch is a house cat who must save his animal pals from the clutches of Dr. Schrodinger and the C.R.U.E.L. corporation. Fortunately he can tap into all of his nine lives to help him out in jam! This deluxe edition collects the original story plus the Cat Tails anthology, along with all-new bonus materials! Litterbricks! That's awesome!"


All of Scratch9's adventures all collected together for the first time in this deluxe hardcover.

Ask your retailer to order "Scratch9: The Pet Project (Deluxe Second Life Edition)" from the December Diamond Previews Catalog (DEC131195).

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