'Scratch9' teams with Bo Obama for FCBD issue

Scratch9, the all-ages series by Rob Worley and Justin Castaneda, will return for Free Comic Book Day with an issue from Hermes Press that finds the house cat teaming with the First Family's dog Bo to save President Obama from an unknown plot.

Titled “Cat America/Dog America," the story answers why the president is banning cats from the United States. It's one of three tales in the special issue -- it's a flip-book shared by Worley and Joshua Buchanan's Run & Amuk -- that launches the new series Scratch9: Cat of Nine Worlds.

Debuting in 2010 from Ape Entertainment, Scratch9 follows the adventures of a young, naive cat who can summon any of his eight other lives to help him. The title moved to Hermes Press last year with the FCBD 2013 issue.

Free Comic Book Day 2014 will be held Saturday, May 3.

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