"Scratch9" & Bo Obama Team Up in FCBD Issue from Hermes Press

Official Press Release

Hail to the chief cat!

Scratch9 is back in time for Free Comic Book Day, and he's bringing the President with him!

For the first time ever, Bo Obama and Scratch team up to save President Barack Obama from an unknown plot, which will be revealed on FCBD by Hermes Press. The First Dog has never looked so good! Written by Rob Worley and illustrated by Justin Castaneda, the story "Cat America/Dog America" answers the question: Why is the President banning cats from America?

"As I always aim for with Scratch9, this is mostly a loopy, fun adventure that also touches on something important," Worley said of the story. "In this case Scratch's girl Penelope sets out to demonstrate that no voice is too small or unimportant to challenge our elected officials."

"Cat America/Dog America" is just one of three stories contained in FCBD issue. The lead story launches the new "Scratch9: Cat of Nine Worlds" series. The issue is also a flip book with the all-new, all-ages adventure "Run & Amuk" by Worley and Joshua Buchanan.

Ask your retailer to order you a copy of the Free Comic Book Day 2014 edition of Scratch9 (use Diamond ordering code #JAN14 0039)

Free Comic Book Day is May 3, 2014. Visit http://www.freecomicbookday.com for details.

For more information about Scratch9 visit http://www.scratch9.com

For more information about Hermes Press visit http://www.hermespress.com

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