"Scrapyard Detectives" #3 Debuts At Comic-Con International in San Diego

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Jinn, Raymond and Robert have become modern day heroes in the street smart series of Scrapyard Detectives. Continuing to promote racial awareness and cultural diversity to all age groups, the team's latest adventure requires them to pool their talent together to help a 'friend in need'.

Scrapyard Detectives is an all-ages series surrounding a group of ethnically diverse kids working together to solve neighborhood mysteries. "What separates the characters in Scrapyard Detectives is how relatable they are," said Bill Galvan, artist and co-creator of the Scrapyard Detectives, "Neither Jinn, Raymond nor Robert have super powers. They're heroes because they work together as a team for a noble cause". Scrapyard Detectives is published and distributed by Smiles for Diversity, a nonprofit organization committed to educating children and adults about diversity.

Readers of "A Friend in Need", the third issue of Scrapyard Detectives, will experience the talent of New York Times Best Selling Children's Book Author, and noted comics writer Jesse Leon McCann (Krypto the Superdog for DC Comics.) When asked what interested him in working on the Scrapyard Project, McCann said, "Anyone with compassion for humankind, particularly for children, wouldn't accept intolerance, whether it's of race, gender or religion. Scrapyard Detectives provided the opportunity for me to express my compassion as a professional comic writer". McCann added his expertise in characterization to the Scrapyard Detectives series, introducing conflict and more action and adventure to the team. "In the real world, kids don't always see eye to eye. I wanted to shake things up in this issue by adding more conflict, adventure, mystery and gadgetry."

Scrapyard Detectives has increased in distribution from its inception in 2002 thanks to the support of others such as Mimi Cruz, owner of Night Flight Comics and winner of the 2005 Eisner Retailer Award. "Schools and libraries across the country are becoming more aware of Scrapyard Detective's usefulness as a tool for increasing children's literacy and teaching diversity at the same," said Cruz. "It's rare that an instructional tool can have such a dual purpose".

Dr. Robyn A. Hill, Teacher Educator, has been doing her own part to promote the Scrapyard Detectives by including the series in a published resource book called the "Secret Origin of Good Readers". "Scrapyard Detectives comic books provide a great touchpoint for children," said Hill, "The books open up a dialogue about diversity in a 'safe' way which allows for differences of opinion."

This July, at the San Diego Comic-Con International, Scrapyard Detectives #3 will debut with an exclusive alternate cover drawn by veteran comic book artist Batton Lash, creator/artist of Supernatural Law. Galvan and McCann have also been selected as speakers in a panel within Dr. Robyn Hill's Secret Origin of Good Readers program at the convention. The panel offers the opportunity for attendees to learn how comic books can be used to engage a variety of learners.

Teachers, educators and librarians that would like to learn more about using the Scrapyard Detectives in their programs can get more information at www.smilesfordiversity.org, by calling Night Flight Comics at 801-272-8343, or Nancy McCann of Comics Unlimited at 714-841-6646.

About Night Flight Comics

Established in 1986, Night Flight Comics sells a variety of comic books and comic accessories. Night Flight employs a specialized staff, each employee touts expertise of certain authors, series, or comic characters. Night Flight hosts a variety of local events and is committed to providing the community with quality comic reading.

About Smiles for Diversity

Smiles for Diversity is a non-profit program dedicated to stopping hate. Smiles for Diversity creates and publishes comic books and coloring books designed for dentists and teachers to use in their offices, classrooms and communities. These books are designed to teach children of all ages and backgrounds about diversity and, in turn, help prevent future hate crimes. For more information, please call 1-888-216-2122 or visit www.smilesfordiversity.org.

Jesse Leon McCann's Wikipedia entry is at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesse_Leon_McCann

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