<i>Scouts: Prepare for Adversity</i> to debut from Ape

Ape Entertainment is a small publisher with an interesting line of all-ages comics that splits fairly evenly between licensed properties (Richie Rich, Strawberry Shortcake, Pocket God) and original works (Scratch 9 is the best known of these). Now they are launching a new all ages series, Scouts: Prepare for Adversity, about a hapless video game fanatic whose father sends him off to the "Shrub Scouts" to toughen him up. Brent Erwin came up with the concept; Mark Finn, who is best known for his book on Robert E. Howard but is also a seasoned comics writer, is writing the script, and Scott Ball, creator of the webcomic Scooter and Ferret, is handling the art. Richie Rich colorist Dustin Evans is also working on the project. The comics will be published as 48-page digests with stand-alone stories, and the first one will be available after the New Year.

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