Scott Snyder Reveals Metal's Dark Batmen & Cannibalistic Robin Origins


WARNING: The following interview contains major spoilers for DC Comics' Dark Nights: Metal event.

The second issue of Dark Nights: Metal, Rebirth's first major event, has hit shelves, and from extra-dimensional demons to baby New Gods, there doesn't seem to be much that's off the table in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's superheroic rock opera.

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We sat down with Snyder to get the inside scoop at just what the future of Metal has in store for us, as well as take a closer look at the pantheon of evil Batmen that have finally burst onto the scene in spectacularly violent style.

CBR: I hope you don’t mind that I jump right into the nitty-gritty right off the bat, but this issue gave us a pretty clear look at how the story of Metal ties into your work on Batman with the Court of Owls and Barbatos. But as I was reading, I couldn’t help but remember that Bruce isn’t the only one with really strong ties to both of those entities. Even now in Rebirth, Nightwing’s been given a lot of movement in that direction. Is that a coincidence or foreshadowing?

Scott Snyder: I don’t want to put any words in Tim [Seeley’s] mouth, but ultimately, Deathwing and all the kind of stuff that he’s been doing in Nightwing was done in conversation with Metal from the start. We had a long talk, all the way back last year, during a summit and Tim came up with so many good ideas with the whole Dr. Hurt story and about evil Nightwing -- all of this stuff.

Nightwing's clash with Deathwing was a prelude to Dar Night: Metal's story

Nightwing’s ties to Metal run really deep. He’s going to be one of the big stars in the “Gotham Resistance” crossover that’s happening, so he’ll be battling his way through the city as it’s been taken over by The Batman Who Laughs, trying to get to the Court of Owls, to see if there’s anything that they might have left behind -- maybe some kind of weapons store or something that would work to fight the evil Dark Knights.

We can’t not talk about Baby Darkseid --

Baby Darkseid is my favorite thing, by the way. “Baby Darkseid” is the name I would take for my band, if I ever have one. It’s my favorite.

Well, that almost answers my question! I was going to ask what influenced the choice to bring that particular plot point back into the spotlight -- I mean, clearly it would have been a shame to lose something so fun, but I don’t think anyone would have blamed you if you chose to politely ignore it.

[Laughs] Nobody puts Baby Darkseid in a corner!

Kids today
Superwoman and Baby Darkseid, from "Darkseid War"

Really, what happened was, I was planning Metal when Geoff [Johns] was working on Darkseid War. We were in confluence back then, because Metal needed to be planned quite a ways in advance. I knew I needed Darkseid, and that Batman was going to basically kidnap him because he would want to go back to the moment everything began with Barbatos. So then Geoff told me how Darkseid War ends, [Laughs] and I was like, “God, how am I gonna do this?”

Then it hit me that -- you know what? That’s actually perfect. Because, for me, Batman with Baby Darkseid in a bjorn, holding Hawkman’s mace, in the Tomb of Hath Set -- this is exactly the spirit of what I want in Metal. The line where he’s like, “Stand back, or I’m taking off these God Wave goggles!” -- these are my absolute favorite moments. Those lines, and where Morgan le Fay is like, “you will take the astral brain of Anti-Monitor and fire it through the core of the multiverse at the Rock of Eternity, it has been decided.” And Shazam responds, like, “It shall be done.”

This is what I got into the business to be able to do. From the moment Darkseid became a baby, I’ve been wanting to write these scenes. I couldn’t wait.

If you look closely -- you can always tell when Greg [Capullo] loves a scene, because he’ll hide characters throwing up the rock’n’roll horns. So if you look at that page, it’s actually Baby Darkseid who is doing it, which just makes him even better. When the Robins first show up? He’s like, doing an Omega Curse! It’s awesome.

I hope this comes through when you read it, but I genuinely have never had this much fun doing a superhero comic book before. All-Star Batman really primed me for this -- it’s really the most fun I’ve ever had doing a Batman comic -- but [Metal] is easily the most fun I’ve ever had doing a superhero comic as an extension of the whole universe. All-Star was really kind of the training ground for me getting to tell this kind of story.

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