Scott Snyder Reintroduces Mr. Freeze In "Batman Annual" #1

Traditionally, superhero comic book Annuals came along once a year to cap off the adventures of a series heroes with one unique twist or another. Some would wrap up a major storyline for the main title. Some would introduce new characters. And some would highlight work from guest artists. As DC Comics gets underway with their relaunched Annuals as part of the New 52, their goals appear to cover "all of the above."

On the heels of the news that the publisher would be reintroducing its Annuals with a pair of lynchpin story turns in Annual offerings for "Teen Titans" and "Animal Man," DC revealed that it will also be reintroducing the villain Mr. Freeze as part of "Batman Annual" #1. The issue will be co-written by regular "Batman" writer Scott Snyder and newcomer James Tynion IV and drawn by former "The Dark Knight" penciler Jay Fabok.

"Mr. Freeze is a character full of pathos and tragedy and at the end of the day, he's one of Batman's deadliest," Snyder told DC's official blog The Source. "So as you can imagine, I'm very excited to be able to do a story that establishes him in the new DCU, with rising stars James Tynion IV and Jay Fabok. This will be tale that really digs into Freeze's psyche, explaining his connection to the Court of Owls in the present, and exploring dark secrets about his past. Really thrilled to see what you guys think!"

With three in the bank already, there's a good chance DC will roll out more Annual announcements this week. Stay tuned to CBR for all the news!

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