Scott Snyder Announces New American Vampire Series Under DC Black Label

American Vampire

In his Spotlight on Scott Snyder panel Sunday morning at Comic-Con International: San Diego, Snyder announced his and Rafael Albuquerque's American Vampire series will return next year.

Snyder said the series is planned for an early or mid-2020 release, and he will again be joined by co-creator Albuquerque. According to Snyder, work on the comic's next iteration has already begun.

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“We were originally going to do it this year, and started on it last fall,” Snyder said. “But next year will be the 10th anniversary of American Vampire, and DC felt it would be better to do an entire arc then.”

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“The story will take place in 1976,” Snyder revealed. “There’s this ominous, Nixonian kind of feel to it. It’s not the finale to the series, but it does take us to present day.”

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American Vampire began in 2010 with stories written by both Snyder and author Stephen King. Snyder took over as sole writer soon after the series began.

This will be the first American Vampire comic since 2016’s American Vampire Anthology Vol. 2, published by DC’s soon-to-be-defunct Vertigo imprint. Snyder previously stated that any future American Vampire stories will be published under DC’s Black Label imprint.

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