Scott Snyder Releases His Inner-Cosplayer for Halloween

My Hero Academia

Writer Scott Snyder is known for his work with iconic DC characters and in the horror genre, but for Halloween, he's embracing the all-ages manga and anime franchise My Hero Academia, with a family picture that goes beyond, plus ultra!

The fan-favorite Batman writer tweeted a photo of his family dressed as some of the most popular heroes from Kōhei Horikoshi's beloved franchise. Snyder strikes a pose as All-Might, the number one Pro Hero in the franchise's universe; his two sons dress as Deku and Bakugo, two of U.A. High School's most promising students who aspire to become Pro Heroes; and his wife Jeanie transforms into Uraraka, another talented U.A. student who has the ability to manipulate an object's -- or person's -- gravity.

Happy early Halloween from us to you! Plus Ultra! #MyHeroAcademia #disneyworld #dadlife pic.twitter.com/KDSHzoJdaV

— Scott Snyd(ofthelivingdead)er (@Ssnyder1835) October 26, 2018

My Hero Academia's popularity continues to grow. The manga is on its 15th volume, a new video game, My Hero One's Justice, was just released, and the anime is on its third season. A live-action movie is also in the works, and only time will tell whether it will win over fans and further expand the franchise's popularity.

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