Scott Snyder Confesses Martian Manhunter Love, Teases Zatanna Plans

Scott Snyder is hard at work writing Dark Nights: Metal, the event series that unites DC Comics heroes both prominent and obscure against an invasion from a Dark Multiverse. Although he undoubtedly has his hands full, with Metal and beyond, he's teased he may have plans for two DC Universe mainstays: Martian Manhunter and Zatanna.

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"I actually have a take on Martian Manhunter I'd like to try sometime when I get more room," he tweeted on Wednesday. "I love that character." And when one fan brought up Zatanna in response to the writer's question about which DC characters they'd like to see receive the spotlight next year, Snyder wrote, "snalp era ereht," a nod to the magician's backward-speaking spells. (Don't worry, someone corrected him on the proper syntax of Zatanna's spell-casting.)

Martian Manhunter, of course, historically was a founding member of the Justice League of America, before DC's New 52 reboot replaced him with Cyborg in 2011. He has been seen sparingly since then, with appearances in Stormwatch, Justice League of America and Justice League United before getting his own ongoing series in 2015. He has been missing in action since the launch of Rebirth last year.

The fan-favorite Zatanna has been featured more regularly, appearing in DC's Rebirth era in Trinity, Nightwing and The Hellblazer. She was also featured prominently in recent issues of Batman. Zatanna will play a role the three-issue miniseries Mystik U, launching in November, but it's unclear whether Snyder was alluding that title or another project.

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