Scott Snyder Confirms He’s ‘On Justice League For At Least 50 Issues’


while scott snyder is offering up new teases for that big 2019 dc comics crossover event, justice league fans should have nothing to fear in the mean time -- the prolific writer says he plans to stay onto the recently-relaunched comic series for "at least" 50 issues.

"just for clarity: i'm on justice league for at least 50 issues," snyder wrote in a post to twitter. "not going anywhere for a looong time."

he added, "but! every five or so issues of justice league will be a legion of doom chapter where [writer james tynion iv] tells the story from the villains' side and reveals big secrets."

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teasing things to come beyond this year, snyder said, "each arc of justice league will be self contained, but they'll build on each other with regard to the characters' relationships and the bigger plot, all of it culminating in a big, big way in 2019."

snyder first revealed plans of his "massive" 2019 dc crossover at comic-con international in san diego last month. “everything is coming back, we want to pay it forward. the omega titans, barbatos, the forge, it’s all coming back," he said at a panel. "everything you read, our goal is to reward. all of it culminates in like a year in like a metal event. i don’t know if i’m supposed to be saying that but i’m saying it.”

the next issue of justice league, written by scott snyder and drawn by jorge jimenez and alejandro sanchez, is scheduled for release on august 15.

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