Snyder's 'Drowned Earth' Checklist Looks Like the Perfect '80s Mix Tape

Writer Scott Snyder's first big crossover on the bi-weekly Justice League comic is the Aquaman-focused "Drowned Earth" story arc, beginning with this week's Issue #10. The scribe has created a helpful checklist to guide readers through the reading order of each issue, and it looks like something straight out of an '80s-era mix tape.

"Homemade DROWNED EARTH CHECKLIST!," Snyder posted on social media. "Our big Aquaman and the Justice League saga starts in JUSTICE LEAGUE #10 Wednesday! Hope you'll check it out!"

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The image begins with the words "DROWNED EARTH" written at the top, with Aquaman's trident replacing the W in "DROWNED" and his Aquaman emblem taking the place of the A in "EARTH." From there, he breaks the checklist down by the comics that are released each week, along with the creative teams and whether the title is a tie-in or a part of the main story. Snyder also demonstrates his coloring and lettering skills on the checklist, adding some additional flare to the document.

This isn't the first time Snyder has shared a homemade checklist for one of his events. The sheer size of Dark Nights: Metal lent itself to having a checklist, which the writer shared frequently on his Twitter account.

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Part 1 of "Drowned Earth" begins this week in Justice League #10 by writer Scott Snyder and artist Francis Manapul.

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