Scott Snyder Teases Horrific New Project with Francesco Francavilla

Snyder Francavilla Teaser

Throughout his career, Scott Snyder has written stories that were deeply influenced by horror. Even his mainstream Batman comics are stepped in terrifying imagery, such as The Batman Who Laughs or the dark multiverse in DC: Metal.

And now, Snyder is teasing an upcoming project that will see him fully return to his horror roots, along with artist Francesco Francavilla.

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On Twitter, Snyder teased the project with a banner shot from the comic. The banner doesn't give much of a hint of the story, beyond the idea that it will focus something nebulous that's coming. The story will be the third collaboration between Snyder and Francavilla, since the two previously worked together on Detective Comics and Swamp Thing.

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The new story appears to be an independent creator-owned premise, with Snyder hinting over social media that he would be working on new independent series. This appears to be the first of these new independent comics.

With C2E2 set for this weekend and WonderCon planned for the following week, more information about the comic will likely be announced at one of the events.

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