Scott Snyder Teases the Return of DC's Most Dangerous Villain, Ever

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Scott Snyder, writer of Batman, Dark Nights: Metal, Justice League: No Justice and the upcoming Justice League, might have hinted at the return of one of the DC Universe's most terrifying antagonists.

During a Reddit AMA on r/DCcomics, a fan asked Snyder, "Now that the Source Wall is broken, what are the chances of us seeing Superboy Prime? The last time we saw him, he was imprisoned there."

While he kept his response appropriately vague, Snyder hinted at the idea that the dangerous villain is making a return to the mainstream DCU. "You very well might..." he told the fan.

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The superhero-turned-super-villain known as Superboy-Prime was created by Elliot S. Maggin and Curt Swan, and he made his first appearance in 1985's DC Comics Presents #87. Hailing from Earth-Prime, where DC's comic book characters are just that -- comic book characters -- this alternate version of Superman was the primary antagonist of 2006's Infinite Crisis, which saw him not only destroy the JLA Watchtower but also murder several heroes, including the Conner Kent version of Superboy.

After Snyder's run on Swamp Thing, he began helming titles that have since given him sway over the DCU. We have been seeing that recently, especially with Metal, the event that kicked off DC's New Age of Heroes and brought the iconic Snyder/Greg Capullo duo back together.

Currently, there a lot of loose ends in the DC Universe -- and the ones that are really nagging at fans were set up by Metal and Rebirth. There are still a few characters unaccounted for after the events of Rebirth, so it's only natural that some fans are taking to Reddit to seek out answers.

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