Scott Snyder Isn't Ruling Out a Dark Nights: Metal Sequel

Batman in Dark Nights Metal

DC's Scott Snyder has revealed that a sequel to 2017's Dark Nights: Metal is still a possibility.

When asked on Twitter about his final Dark Knight story, Batman: Last Knight on Earth with Batman collaborator Greg Capullo, Snyder responded to one fan who made an inquiry about a Metal sequel. The writer made it clear that while his Batman work will conclude with Last Knight on Earth, Metal is a Justice League and DC Universe-spanning story, so a sequel would still be fair game.

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Dark Nights: Metal was a six-issue miniseries written by Snyder and illustrated by Capullo and Jonathan Glapion, which focused on the Caped Crusader discovering a dark multiverse existing beneath the core DC multiverse.

It was later revealed that both multiverses are connected through mysterious metals Batman has been encountering over the years, with his investigations eventually leading to seven evil versions of himself being unleashed from the dark multiverse, led by the dark god Barbatos.

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Dark Nights: Metal's aftermath is still being felt after the breaking of the Source Wall. Also, the Batman Who Laughs is currently roaming the DC Universe, which could provide enough plot points for Snyder to craft a sequel around.

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