Scott Pilgrim vs. the manga

All five volumes of Scott Pilgrim made it into Bookscan's top 20 chart for June, and in neat numerical order, too. Naruto and Vampire Knight, the two hottest selling manga, topped the chart, but Scott Pilgrim starts in at number 3 and keeps going from there. Presumably the buzz from the movie has caused a surge in interest, as the series has been almost completely absent from the Bookscan top 20 all year (except for vol. 1 charting in April). What's interesting is that sales usually drop off for subsequent volumes of a series, but that doesn't seem to have happened—either people are buying all five volumes at once, or the series is so good that they keep running back to the bookstore for more. Either way, it's good news for publisher Oni Press.

Don't count the manga out, though. There are at least two volumes, vol. 1 of Black Butler and vol. 47 of Naruto, which have made the chart every month for the past six months. That sort of staying power is what makes a publisher great and prosperous. It will be interesting to watch the charts once the movie comes out and see if that continues to increase sales—or if this was just a temporary bump.

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