Scott Kinney's "Kid Kosmic" Goes to Runemaster Studios

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What happens when a eleven-year-old boy finds an alien battle suit in his closet? Zak's first idea is to live out his fantasy of being a real-live superhero, but when a dark alien overlord comes looking for his stolen technology, he must fight for the survival of himself, his family, and every man, woman and child on Earth.

"I've had the privilege of watching Mike (Bullock) develop Lions, Tigers & Bears behind the scenes and have been impressed from day one," states Kinney. "Kid Kosmic is a series that's been rolling around in the back of my mind for many years, and when I saw how masterfully Mike and Jack (Lawrence) were handling all-ages material like Lions, Tigers & Bears, the thought of bringing Kid Kosmic to Runemaster sparked and caught flame. I believe this studio is going to carve out a respectable niche in the all-ages category and build a brand associated with creativity and quality."

Just as various interested parties have approached Bullock and Lawrence regarding a Lions, Tigers & Bears feature film; Kinney has discussed the possibility of adapting Kid Kosmic as a CGI animated feature in the vein of The Incredibles with individuals in the entertainment industry. A writer/director who is currently finishing a multi-million dollar 3D CGI animated feature has also expressed interest in writing the screenplay and potentially directing the Kid Kosmic film.

"I'm just in the discussion stage as far as anything outside of a comic series (coming in 2005) goes," said Kinney. "After the success of The Incredibles, people can easily see the film appeal with the wonder of a kid superhero in an alien-powered 'supersuit' who gets caught up in the middle of an intergalactic war. We've also talked about it being done as a combo of CGI/live action ala Spy Kids instead of 100% animation, but it's all just talk right now-the possibilities are wide open."

According to the creator, the premise of the idea is simple: A young boy's ultimate superhero fantasy comes true when he awakens one morning and finds a powerful, artificially intelligent battle suit lying in the corner of his closet-and it's just his size. The only downside is that the owner of the suit, a universally feared galactic overlord, says it was stolen from him...and he wants it back.

"I'd heard Scott's pitch for Kid Kosmic at last year's San Diego Comic Con International, while he was shopping Killer Stunts, Inc. to prospective publishers. As much as I love Killer Stunts, Inc., Kid Kosmic is really what caught my eye and gave me such a strong admiration of Scott's talent," said Runemaster Studios, Inc. Founder and President Mike Bullock. "When Scott voiced interest in bringing Kid Kosmic and his adventures to Runemaster Studios, we jumped all over it. The entire studio is very enthused by Scott's creativity and we're all very honoured he wants to toss his hat into our ring."

Kid Kosmic has been described as "ET meets Star Wars told with a young comic book hero in the vein of Spider-Man."

Adam Lawrence, the Studios' 3d animator, is currently developing 3d CGI models for the Kid Kosmic characters. Discussions abound to create the Kid Kosmic comic book in 3d CGI with Lawrence attached as the sole artist on the series.

With strong interest to take Kid Kosmic from a fledgling comic book series to a CGI feature film, video game and other incarnations, 2005 should bring big things to Kinney and his creation.

Founded in June of 2004, Runemaster Studios, Inc. has set before itself the task of creating properties for comics, movies, television, gaming and toys. Originally brought to life by Mike Bullock, Runemaster Studios, Inc. has grown to include such talents as Jack Lawrence (Lions, Tigers & Bears), Frederik Hautain, Theo Bain (Gimoles), Wil Radcliffe (Noggle Stones), Rob Schwager and Adam Lawrence.

More information regarding Kid Kosmic, Scott Kinney and Runemaster Studios, Inc., its members, services, properties and other projects can be found at http://www.runemasterstudios.com

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