Scott Keith On Batman's Death That No One Cared About

I liked the scene (and that issue of Final Crisis in general) where Batman met his doom that no one cares about at all. One of the Internet Wrestling Community (that is an actual phrase, for the non intiated) biggest luminaries did not. Just felt like bringing that to everyone's attention. A week late.

While I don't share his reaction (nor do I think keeping the comics in line with the movie versions is/should be much of a concern at this point, as years of big budget movie adaptations have shown that trying to line these things up doesn't effect sales much, for a variety of reasons), I did find his "every issue should be someone's first argument" in the comments interesting. It's the kind of thing you get when you're someone for whom the content of something like FC is something you are intimately familiar with and thus you have no problem following it.

Even if my not picking some of the tie-ins and Superman Beyond's lateness did throw me off a bit. Which is why I hate crossovers on principle except when Morrison does them. Or when Hulk is beating up the entire Marvel Universe. Or when Abhay writes about Secret Invasion, which I sort of liked for reasons I can't explain, even if I can't be bothered to buy the last issue. Otherwise; cynical, shitty garbage!

So; has everyone's apathy turned around now that this is even slightly relevant? Can the interest curve around walls and catch you no matter where you run from it, like Omega Beams? Possibly?

Titans #31

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